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Ask Doc your concerns

Q and A on newborn care

Child health news

Guest post submission

Parenting tips

Happy with child health care?

School Readiness

Taste buds tickling recipes

Teenage tussles

Your child's milestones

Author's child health and parenting related book reviews

Reader's child health and parenting related book review

Recommend story books for children

Before Birth


Genetics in fetal development

Genetic disorders: Challenge
child health

Genetic screening: Prenatal
and newborn

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for IVF babies

Gene therapy cures many
genetic diseases


Fetus: Growth stages determine newborn's viability

Fetal growth is influenced by mother's nutrition

Fetal growth chart helps fetal growth assessment

Threats to Fetal Development

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Coffee during Pregnancy

Hormonal Influences on Fetal Development

Prenatal tobacco smoking compromises fetus outcome & effective breastfeeding

Effects of fathers mental health

Get pregnant after abortion

Depression during pregnancy

Growth and Development

Child Growth

Child growth: Indicator of child health

Normal growth pattern in children

Brain growth in children

Overview of child growth variations

Child height predictor

Child growth assessment:
Growth calculator is a myth

Growth chart: Road to child health

Children BMI

Growth spurt

Childhood Creativity

Childhood Development

Process of childhood development

Developmental domains

Milestones of childhood development

Early development of children (conception - 2 yr of age)

Early childhood development
(2 - 6 yr of age)

Middle childhood development: Intelligence development

Stages of teens development

Motor skills development

Cognitive development: Core of child's intelligence

Language development
Language development page 2
Language development page 3

Stuttering & developmental
speech dysfluency

Child Psychology

Psychosocial development of
middle childhood

Principles of personality development

Temperament traits affect
social aspect of child health

Psychology of lying

Should children who tell lies be punished?

Temper tantrums

Low self-concept

Influences on self-concept

Building positive self-concept in children

Childhood psychiatric disorders

Teenage depression

Facebook depression:
Social networking issue

Teens therapeutic activity; Blogging

Parents psycho social well being key to child health

Effects of fathers mental health

Depression during pregnancy

Child Abuse

Child abuse awareness

Child sexual abuse: Recognize the problem

Types of child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse: The abused

Dating violence

Brain changes in abused children

Food addiction: Sequel of child abuse 

Health Disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders often go unnoticed

Binge eating; a cry for help

Binge eating; when to suspect

Binge eating treatment

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa treatment

Eating disorders among teens


Allergies in children

Anaphylaxis - Field management

Food Allergy: Tips of Caution

Coping with Allergies in Children

Prevention of Allergies in Children

Role of Vitamin D in Prevention of Allergies

Summer Camp Safety Focus Food Allergic Children 

Eye Diseases

Childhood eye diseases

Diabetic eye diseases

Myopia progression can be slowed

Watch for vision defects

Television viewing affects vision development

Prevention of visual impairment

Childhood Diabetes


Type 1 diabetes causative factors

Role of autoimmunity in type1 diabetes

Natural progression - type 1 diabetes

Insulin resistance linked to high fructose intake

Diabetic eye diseases

Childhood metabolic syndrome

Childhood Obesity

Teenage obesity

Sudden weight gain

High fructose corn syrup

Metabolic syndrome

Developmental Disorders

Cerebral palsy

Disability benefits for disabled child


Child parenting capacity varies

Parenting influences children's self-concept

Parenting middle childhood

Parenting newborns

Parenting with maternal depression

Fathers parenting

Effects of fathers mental health

Depression during pregnancy

Parents psycho social well being key to child health

Fireworks safety tips

Biting fingernails: Tips to break the habit

Keeping children healthy in winter

Watch for Vision Defects

HIV AIDS - dealing with blame and ...

Why are blood tests important?

Safety during skiing holidays

Food allergy: Tips of caution

Summer camp safety: Focus food allergy

Disability benefits for disabled child

Trampoline injuries



Healthy foods

Healthy meal time

Tips to cultivate healthy eating habit

Organic foods & child health

Therapeutic uses of probiotics

Probiotics benefits child health

Avoid health drinks for child health

Sugar free diet drinks

Effect of caffeine on child health


Essential nutrition for children

Importance of DHA for child health

DHA supplements for children

Post Tips and Recipes

White chicken recipe

Avocado chutney

Carrot parathas

Getting kids to eat veggies

Minimize choking hazards: Safe food tips

Phases of Childhood


Neonates at birth

Childbirth affects newborn health

Jaundice in newborns

Newborn growth

Crying and consolability

Colic in newborn babies

Newborn sleep pattern, posture and alertness

Newborn jitteriness, twitching and seizures

Newborn nursing answers newborn care concerns

Newborn parenting

Passive smoking increases risk for SIDS

Get pregnant after abortion


Understanding teenagers

Teenage health care

Stages of teens development

Stages of teenage development

Puberty leads to physical & sexual maturation during teens

Teenage depression

Teens therapeutic activity; Blogging

Teenage obesity

Birth control methods

The morning after pill

Dating abuse: Focus teenagers

Teenagers in love

Modern Childhood Menace

Media Menace

Media effects on child health

Cyber bullying is plaguing tweens & teens

Sexting: Range and repercussions

Teen's Facebook depression

Pollution Hazards

Effects of pollution hazards on child health

Air pollution: A growing child health threat

Second hand smoke: A cause of child health concern

Effects of secondhand smoke on child health

Prenatal tobacco smoking compromises fetus outcome and effective breastfeeding

Dangers of passive smoking in infants and toddlers


Seasonal flu : Influenza

Child Health News


Creativity area in human brain

Obstructive sleep apnea

Obesity in mothers

Autism spectrum disorder: Search for causes continues

Brain changes in abused children


Human Boca virus and child health

Asthma linked to lack of sleep & bad grades

Drug Effects

Aspirin the miracle medicine

Acute kidney injury in children

Media Effects

Cell phone use affects fetus?

Television viewing time

Preventive Role

Preventive role of gut flora

Prevention of allergies in children

Vitamin D in prevention of allergies

Prevention of myopia progression


Flu vaccine

Flu vaccine safe in children with egg allergy

Meningococcal vaccine

Immunization schedule 2013

Unvaccinated children pose threat

Childhood Cancers

Effects of Folic acid fortification on 
childhood cancer

Skin cancer among teenagers

Emotional State Affects Health

Parents psycho social well being key to child health

Effects of fathers mental health

Depression during pregnancy

Food addiction


Childhood metabolic syndrome

Effects of lack of sleep 

Insulin resistance linked to high fructose intake

Food addiction

Safety Recommendations

Trampoline injuries

Mothers who drink alcohol beware


Birth control methods

Emergency contraceptive

Premenstrual syndrome & dietary iron


Lack of sleep

Asthma linked to lack of sleep & bad grades

Effects on Fetus

Mothers who drink alcohol beware

Depression during pregnancy

Obesity in mothers

Cell phone use affects fetus?

Voice Your Opinion

School Readiness

Conceptualizing school readiness

Outdoor games: Crucial for overall child health

Child Health Care

Help child health care meet parents expectations

Public health information on immunisation

Improving Child Health Care Services

Family Bookshelf Continued on Site Map Page 2

Author's Book Reviews

Reader's Book Review

Story Books for Children

Site Map Page 2

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