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Jun 12, 2020

Healthy Meal Time Essential for overall Childhood Development

Besides nutrition, healthy meal time fulfills child’s psychological needs and induces healthy social and emotional development

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Jun 08, 2020

Itching in Pregnancy Indicates Risk to The Fetus

Itching in pregnancy is sign of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy that causes fetal complications Pruritus in pregnancy and high bile acids levels indicate risk to fetus

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May 31, 2020

World No Tobacco Day:
Are Smoking Bans Violations of People's Rights?

Oh yes, certainly that they are: If the child protection laws, law against committing suicide or homicide, and community safety regulations are also impingement on the rights of the offenders.

When people smoke, they do not do so alone.
All in the vicinity of tobacco smokers are forced to smoke.
Secondhand smoke is today's greatest environmental health hazard.
The harmful substances in secondhand smoke are both carcinogens and mutagens.

Tobacco smoke damages babies in the womb. It claims hundreds of thousands of innocent lives every year, of which one-third are below 18 years of age (WHO statistics). It works as a slow poison. It has the potential to leave its harmful impact over generations. This is worse than the war death toll scenario and more dangerous than any other enemy for health, productivity, and economy.

The so-called "smoker's rights groups" are the creation of the tobacco industry. Freedom and public rights always incite mass compassion. The arguments for smokers' rights are just a way to distract the mass from the pressing issue of environmental tobacco smoke.

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Are Smoking Bans Violations of People's Rights?"

May 20, 2020

Deadly Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

As COVID-19 pandemic advances, a deadly inflammatory syndrome has been noticed in children. Therefore, the belief that COVID-19 is gentle on child health is today questionable.

A sudden wave of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome among children has emerged after months of battling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The reports show that all affected children had antibodies for the coronavirus, but they were neither positive for the virus nor had the evidence of any underlying disorder.

The link between the new coronavirus and the syndrome, though a convincing epidemiological report, awaits the results of scientific research. Meanwhile, reports from the countries hardest hit by the new coronavirus continue to pour in. Children from different countries are being reported to be suffering from identical symptoms.

The presentation of the disease in the child population is markedly different from that in adults. In children, it presents with severe stomach pain and vomiting, which progresses into toxic shock and Kawasaki disease like state - fever, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, and, in severe cases, inflammation of the heart.

The heart complication is by no means rare. Every other affected child’s heart suffers the insult. The death rate is high among those cases of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, who are found positive for COVID-19.

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May 06, 2020

Teenage, A Slippery Road to Adulthood

She took a sigh of relief. A wave of contentment ran through her. She was utterly satisfied and proud of her upbringing. Today, her daughter at 16, was moving out to her very own apartment. Two years ago, her son had moved out. She thoroughly admired the confidence her teenagers exhibited. They were cool kids. Pride shone in her eyes. Could there be something that was not quite all right? The thought never crossed her mind until...

Teenage is a double-edged sword, full of excitement, confidence, and adventures, that runs on a slippery road! Newly found freedom stirs up teenagers' curiosity. They dare into dangers just for a kick, and venture into the adult world without protection.

Their, yet immature mind, suffers somersaults, and the body gets battered. Addictions and diseases jeopardize their progress. And if hit by untimely teenage pregnancy, their future wobbles. Go back to the old anchor or find a new one is a dilemma. Only the parents' unconditional love and support can bail them out of the mess.

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May 03, 2020

Itchy Skin

My adolescent son of 12 has been complaining of itchy skin. He regularly gets scratching sensation. This irresistible desire to itch arises from within,

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May 03, 2020

Are Vaccines Safe?

My 4mo old baby girl developed a reddish skin rash 2days after the vaccine shot. Could it be a vaccine allergy? Are vaccines safe Doc? The skin rash

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May 01, 2020

Atopic Dermatitis in Infants and Children

Atopic dermatitis: infantile eczema, recognized by recurrent itchy skin rash, runs in families with allergic diseases Vaccines do not cause or aggravate atopic eczema

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Apr 17, 2020

Jitteriness in Infants: A Frightening Sight

It was the evening of my first day “on-call” after my senior colleagues had left when a ward nurse from the postnatal ward called, “baby is doing something under the blanket, come at once.”

Doing something under the blanket? I mumbled. What could a newborn baby do, and that too under the blanket? Well, newborns are all the time under the blanket, so maybe. I ran.On reaching, I found both the baby and the mother fast asleep, under the blanket of course. Just as I took a breath of relief, the junior midwife attending to the normal newborn murmured, “Is the baby ok Doc? She is not moving now!”Not moving? What does that mean? My heart missed a few beats.

I gathered courage and advanced to examine the baby. It amounted to disturbing the sleep of the mother and her baby, who were trying to recover from the distress of childbirth. But I had no choice. I woke up the mother to take permission to examine her young one. She got startled. “Is something wrong with my baby? Tell me Doc. What is wrong with my baby? Tell me, please”. - She blurted.

My nervousness and ignorance were no less than hers. Nevertheless, I reassured her and picked the baby for examination. As I touched the baby, her little hands started trembling. The nurse brightened up and said, “yes doc, this is what she has been doing. See, her feet are also trembling.”

Most mimics of fits in early infancy are innocent movement disorders due to a yet developing nervous system. Mingled among them could, however, be some that are signs of a neuro-developmental disorder, which are best if attended to in good time. This creates massive confusion, both for professionals and parents: When to subject a baby to a battery of neurological tests, and when to let her grow in peace!!!

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Apr 04, 2020

COVID-19 Outbreak: A Pandemic

In the fight against COVID-19, your wellbeing is a priority. Our focus at child health is to provide you the latest information to support your and children’s health so that together, we can face this challenge and come out stronger.

Daily new facts and figures are emerging. The virus has taken the human race by storm. The economy is in the tank, and lives are in jeopardy. Worldwide millions are suffering, thousands have died, yet there is no definite treatment nor a preventive vaccine.

Doctors and researchers have their nose to the grind. "Social distancing" is the call of the day. The aim is not only to flatten the curve but crush it completely in the next few weeks. Until then Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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