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Childhood Obesity: Doctor What Could the Reason Be?

Childhood obesity: Many inherent and lifestyle factors contribute to the excessive weight gain in children. Maintaining growth charts helps in early detection and intervention

Continue reading "Childhood Obesity: Doctor What Could the Reason Be?"

Social Distancing Is Difficult On Weight Watchers

In this time of social distancing, children are frequently exploring the fridge, and devouring cookies. Not only is it difficult to replenish the supplies, but the rapid weight gain is also worrisome, especially in weight watchers, who had managed to lose some and were struggling to lose some more.

During the weight loss process, there comes a plateau when the weighing scale does not budge. It is the time taken to stabilize the body's metabolism at the current weight and the new diet. Don't give up. I am on that stage for more than a year.

Moreover, once you lose weight, the hunger hormones push you towards food. Resist it. Divert your thoughts from food by indulging in any other activity that interests you like gardening - can be indoor plants, painting, etc.

Lastly, to keep up the activity level - consider resistance exercises - they don't take much space nor require you to be outdoors. They help raise BMR, meaning "burn more calories even at rest"!Take Care, Stay Safe, Remain Healthy!

Continue reading "Social Distancing Is Difficult On Weight Watchers"

Parenting Influences Children's Self-Concept

Positive parenting heightens self-concept, which is crucial for personality development in childhood. Misbehavior in children indicates their poor self-concept

Continue reading "Parenting Influences Children's Self-Concept"

Teenage Health Care

Health care during teenage can prevent conditions that endanger teens health. Health education can prevent addictions, pregnancy and obesity among adolescents

Continue reading "Teenage Health Care"

The Best Child Health Books

Best Child Health Books: Jittery Baby-The Mimics of Fits in Early Infancy; Peers-A Peek At Peers' Psyche, Why They Do...; In Shape: Beauty With Health From A Medical Perspective

Continue reading "The Best Child Health Books"

Coronavirus Disease: Vaccine and Treatment Important Update

The news headlines make people believe that the vaccine is discovered, which is far from the truth. There are many slips between a cup edge and lips.

Continue reading "Coronavirus Disease: Vaccine and Treatment Important Update"

How Will Corona Virus Affect My Child?

Infants and children all are at risk of Coronavirus infection. Yesterday, on the 11th March 2020, WHO declared it to be coronavirus pandemic. Schools are

Continue reading "How Will Corona Virus Affect My Child?"

Clonus and Jitteriness in Baby Born Preterm

Hi, My son is currently 5 weeks adjusted and was born premature, at 30 weeks gestation due to a placental abruption. A week before he was born I was hospitalized

Continue reading "Clonus and Jitteriness in Baby Born Preterm"

Sleep Myoclonus

Myoclonic jerks in an infant, who is fast asleep, last only for a few seconds. Though each episode is brief, many episodes can occur in a day.

Continue reading "Sleep Myoclonus"

Thumb sucking and Nail Biting

Dear Doctor, My 8 years old son still sucks his thumb and has the habit of biting his nails. Whenever he is free his thumb goes into his mouth or he is

Continue reading "Thumb sucking and Nail Biting "

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