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Aug 30, 2022

The Neonates

Neonates at birth rarely resemble rose cheeks picture of newborns. Milia sprinkled face Vernix caseosa smeared hairy body Mongolian spots – all unnerve parents

Continue reading "The Neonates"

Aug 29, 2022

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders: Key Area of Child Health Concern

Childhood psychiatric disorders are common, but often go unrecognized, with the effect disturbed children’s social behavior and learning ability are impaired

Continue reading "Childhood Psychiatric Disorders: Key Area of Child Health Concern "

Mar 16, 2021

Facebook Depression: Child Health Issue of Social Networking

Facebook depression is a major cause of teenage depression. Prohibiting social networking would not help. Safe use of media instilled early in childhood could

Continue reading "Facebook Depression: Child Health Issue of Social Networking "

Dec 04, 2020

Soft Lump on Baby's Upper Arm

Doc said it is lipoma, a fatty lump, nothing to worry about. My 3-month old daughter has a painless soft lump on the top of her upper arm, which moves

Continue reading "Soft Lump on Baby's Upper Arm"

Nov 28, 2020

Teenage Obesity

Obesity is one of the scourges of teenage. Teenage obesity should be taken a lot more seriously than it is at present for the lifelong scars it leaves.

Continue reading "Teenage Obesity"

Oct 20, 2020

Body Proportions

The body proportions in my 15 years old daughter seem to be disturbed. Her target height is 161 cm, but she has reached a height of 172 cm, even though

Continue reading "Body Proportions"

Oct 19, 2020

Increased Arm Span To Height Ratio

I measured my arm-span, quite accidentally about a year ago at 22 years of age, to see if it fits the formula “arm-span to height as 1:1”. It did not.

Continue reading "Increased Arm Span To Height Ratio"

Aug 25, 2020

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Mental Health

Coronavirus pandemic is a threat to social-emotional well-being of children & adolescents. Its related loneliness & anxiety risk long-term effects on their mind

Continue reading "Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Mental Health"

Aug 11, 2020

Living With PCOS

Teenage is the rainbow period of life, colorful and fleeting. Experiences of adolescence add joy and meaning to growing-up. PCOS stole all fun and frolic

Continue reading "Living With PCOS"

Jul 22, 2020

PCOS: Identify Children at Risk

Symptoms of PCOS emerge in childhood before puberty sets in - hints fetal programming. Diagnosis of PCOS is delayed until after teenage when obesity develops

Continue reading "PCOS: Identify Children at Risk"

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