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I felt that there was a need for some good child health books, each of which would focus on a specific child health issue, that are frequently faced by the parents. For that, the website was not enough.

Child health is a nagging cause of concern. Daily new issues crop up, which make parents unsure. Some seek medical consultation but often return with a new battery of doubts. How many times can they run to the doctor? How long can a doctor reassure them?  Waves of disturbing thoughts continue throughout child development. They search the web for scientific answers to their questions and follow forums on child health.

An endless number of questions pour in at "Ask the Doctor" and "Newborn Care". The same questions are repeated time and again. The result is these child health books. Tell Me the topics you desire. New ones will keep dripping in. I will try my best to write on those.

My Child Health Books:

Jittery Baby:
The Mimics of Fits in Early Infancy

The jitters of having the baby would have hardly subsided when parents notice jitteriness in their newborn baby. Their anxiety shoots up.

Jitteriness, jerky movements and weird grimaces are common in the first 6 months of life. More often than not, they are innocent erratic movements caused by a bumpy relay of signals through an immature nervous system.  Nevertheless, mingled among them could be signs of a developmental disorder. That is what creates the worry.

The book is an answer to this bewilderment.  It is written by an experienced neonatologist, who has put across this complex medical condition in a simple language. The various mimics of fits in early infancy are unfolded in 28 short chapters and made further easy to understand by 38 illustrations. The meanings of unavoidable medical terms are given in Glossary. Click to look inside

A Peek At Peers' Psyche, Why They Do What They Do 

Friends and foes are picked from peers, so are lovers and life partners. The old saying, behind every successful man, is a woman, also refers to the potency of peer influence.

For fear of bullying and peer-rejection, children give in to the threats of popular peers. They develop close friends, but breakups also occur. The dynamics of peer relationship continues through the school days, well into adulthood.

The book extensively covers relationship issues, including that of sexual harassment and relational aggression, faced by all at some point, and at different levels of relationships.

Peers is an exceptional child health book. It unfolds twelve perspectives of peer-relationship in 64 chapters of an enjoyable read, and 99 illustrations to give eye-catching visual interpretations of the concepts. Written with both parents and youths in mind, it is a must-read for anyone in search of answers on the subject of peers. Click to look inside

In Shape:
Beauty With Health From A Medical Perspective

The book, In Shape: Beauty with health, is not just about ways to lose weight. There are many books on the subject. This book is unique. It gives deep insight into what happens within the body systems with energy overload. Weight gain, the outward expression of the problem, is just one of them.

For millions, the pleasure of eating turns into horror when they realize that they have fallen into the trap of being overweight. Most see no escape, neither from the killing diseases attributed to undue weight gain, nor the harsh social bias against the obese. It explains the phenomena of weight gain and regain. It shows the way to keep out of the ratchet effect of weight gain. The book, In Shape, offers the way out of this trap.

The menace caused by growing fat deposits spares no one. It is a cause of great misery. From infants to the elderly, all suffer. It imposes physical, developmental, intellectual, and social limitations, leaving the overweight helpless and emotionally disturbed. The book, In Shape, offers a solution to this agony.

Obesity is stealing the joy of life. The book helps bring back this joy. It is a guide to health, happiness and beauty come as a bonus.

This amazing child health book, written by an experienced doctor, is solely from a medical perspective. It is divided into four section and elaborated in 27 chapters pepped with 60 illustrations. Click to look inside

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