Understanding Child Growth Helps
Avoid Growth Disorder

Child growth, the indicator of child health, is a miracle of nature and often taken for granted by us. Inherited growth potential helps infants of all living beings grow to their species specific mature size and form. Yet there are many external factors which can hinder a child’s growth.

Understanding the growth process and monitoring the child's growth on percentile growth charts can help early detection of growth disorders, and so prevent permanent handicaps.

Our human form grows from a single cell
Before birth, the fertilized egg is a microscopic cell. It under goes a series of fascinating events (click here for "Genetics in Fetal Development") to form a baby with complex and effectively functional organ systems of human body. This tiny cell grows in to a baby weighing 3 kilos in a short period of 9 months. This is the fastest growth known to occur in the body, and it is a normal event!

Growth stages from ovum to adulthood

Growth Stages From an Ovum to Adulthood

What we see here is only the physical growth of a child. Growth process is also associated with a battery of psycho-social development changes in them and in their parents. Even a fetus experiences the psychological experiences and related behavior of the mother, which form the foundation of child's psyche. Indeed, psychological and environmental influences do penetrate through the protective layers of uterus.

Child growth and development always go hand in hand

Growth is the increase in the number and the size of the basic units of the body, the cells, whereas development is the attainment of mature and efficient functions by these cells. Any deviation in this process results in abnormal growth.

Factors that influence inherent growth potential

Factors That Influence Children's Growth Potential

There are some inherent factors that control our form and size, but many external factors also influence child growth.
Together they form a long list.

The large number of variables make it essential to have broad limits for normal values of child growth.

A simple growth calculator can not predict the growth of any child.
Regular periodic growth assessment is crucial for that.

Child health providers monitor infants and toddlers' growth and development closely to help them grow to their full potential.

Psychological Needs for Optimal Child Growth
Physical Needs for Normal Child Growth

For optimal growth in children, their physical and psychological needs must be fulfilled, and this cannot be achieved without affectionate parenting care and family support. Parent awareness helps in early diagnosis of growth disorders and prevention of long lasting child health issues.

Normal growth of a child is a long process, a long wait from conception till adulthood. Stumbling blocks like growth variations and pubertal changes add to the concern of the parents.

Parents impatiently watch their children grow. Naturally they desire a growth calculator, but now you know why it is just a myth.

Read through growth assessment for your child, and assess your child's progress every month.

A subject that determines children’s health naturally has many facets, but is there a child height predictor? Certainly, there is a way to do it.
Let’s explore ……………

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