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Information on Child health strategies is desired by all of us. Both as children and parents, we face a lot of questions on the path of children’s growth and development. I do not yet know parents who are totally satisfied with the health of their children. The worry starts from fetal growth onward. 
Naturally so! 

There are so many facets to child health!!!

This not only makes it an interesting subject, but also a nagging cause for concern. At every turn there are disorders to worry about! Is my baby normal? How much should the child weigh? When will the child learn to walk and talk? How can I monitor my child's developmental milestones?

Many Facets of Child HealthFacets of Child Health

As a pediatrician for more than 30 years

I have often sensed the anxiety in my patients. I have always tried to clear their doubts, but yet more was needed. I wanted to reach you all. So here I am with children's health issues explained in an easy to understand format.

In this era of new advances like the assessment of fetal growth on percentile growth chart, screening for genetic disorders, and hormones' effect on fetal development, parents often feel terrified and helpless when the cause of jitteriness in a newborn baby or that of the fits in a little infant cannot be determined. Naturally then, they plunge into exploring the medical literature themselves.

Yet more adds to parents’ anxiety

Healthy foods, essential nutrition, pollution hazards, media effects, and so on. The list is endless!

Health is the most precious possession and children are the dearest. Nothing is more devastating than a sickness in the family, when all else; money, fame, a beach holiday etc, lose their value.

It gets still more frustrating for children with chronic diseases: Why medical science cannot offer a cure? Why do pediatricians not have an answer to my child’s sickness? - And the compliance is lost. This is harmful for the child’s health. I hope the explanations here will help.

Unforeseen threats to the health of children

Emotional insecurity, social deprivation, environmental hazards and more are hidden risks to children's wellbeing. Secondhand smoke and consumption of alcohol during pregnancy affect the baby during the fetal and the newborn phases. Rising air pollution has increased the risk to allergies and recurrent infections in infancy. In addidion, diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and cyber bullying are plaguing our tweens and teens.

All these along with child abuse are preventable to a large extent with the right awareness.

My effort here is to create a dedicated child health site.
I wish to share my professional experiences and knowledge with you all. The site explains a lot of common health problems in children in an easy to understand format.

In spite of my sincere desire and genuine efforts, it is yet not a complete guide on children's health problems. Certainly there will be a lot more questions.

Browse booksAsk doc your questions, participate in Newborn care forum and have an explanation on any of your concerns on child health. Your suggestions are welcomed too!

Let us together work towards a more comprehensive coverage on children's health, so that more and more children benefit from this "child health explanation" site.

Your Encouragement is My Strength!

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Genetics in Fetal Development

Genetics regulates fetal development. Progression and transformation of a single fertilized cell in to a baby is intricate and vast. One small slip in the process ….

Fetus - Growth Stages and Viability

Growth stages of the fetus determine the viability of fetuses born prematurely. Variation in growth during the fetal period often adds the risks.

Child Growth, an Indicator of Child Health

Variations in child growth are due to influences of nature and nurture.Help infants to their full growth potential.Avoid growth disorders.Monitor your children grow

Process of Childhood Development

Childhood development is a continuous process Complex skills are gradually built on the simpler ones Neuronal plasticity plays a core role in children’s developmental process

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders Key Area of Child Health Concern

Childhood psychiatric disorders are common, but often go unrecognised, with the effect disturbed children’s social behaviour and learning ability are impaired

Child Parenting Capacity Varies

Child parenting is a learnt cognitive skill Parents’ beliefs and feelings influence parenting attitude that has a powerful impact on child’s behavior

Essential Nutrition for Optimal Growth and Development in Children

During childhood, essential nutrition for growth is superimposed on usual maintenance needs.Fatty acids are crucial for optimal brain development and iron for …..

Healthy Food for Optimum Child Health

Healthy food promotes child growth and development DHA in the diet improves cognitive skills and diminishes the chances of learning disorders in children

The Neonates

Neonates at birth rarely resemble chubby rose cheeks picture of newborns Milia sprinkled face Vernix caseosa smeared hairy body Mongolian spots – all unnerve parents

Understanding Teenagers

Teenagers are dependent on stable, warm, trusting and open relationship with the parents that acts as their shield through pubertal & psycho-social turmoils of teenage

Media Effects Menace Child Health

Media effects on child health have been the topic of research for almost half a century, but the debate continues while some children do get affected-How?

Effects Of Pollution Hazards On Child Health

Pollution hazards lead to chronic childhood disabilities. Levels of toxins that were considered safe are now linked to chronic compromise of child health.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is rampant.Consequently, significant number of children die daily. Bruised trust and hatred take the victims towards criminal activities.Find help lines

Eating Disorders: New Threat to Child Health

Eating disorders are chronic medical illness of tweens and teenagers.It is crucial to recognize disordered eating early and provide treatment before it gets too late

Newborn Care Forum, Ask and Answer

Newborn care is an art that mothers develop instinctively and science that is practiced by the professionals Ask and Answer parents’ concern on parenting newborns

Askdoc Your Child Health Concerns

Askdoc is a free forum for child health care issues No waiting, just a direct secure post to a friendly pediatrician from the comfort of home at time that suits you

Conceptualizing School Readiness

Concept of school readiness is controversial, often interpreted as attainment of the required age and related childhood development.Ponder over, who is ready for whom!

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