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Answers to The Child Health Questions Asked

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Increased Arm Span To Height Ratio 
I measured my arm-span, quite accidentally about a year ago at 22 years of age, to see if it fits the formula “arm-span to height as 1:1”. It did not. …

Body Proportions 
The body proportions in my 15 years old daughter seem to be disturbed. Her target height is 161 cm, but she has reached a height of 172 cm, even though …

Infant Attachment 
Can attachment between infant and caregiver be stronger than that with the parent? My baby has developed deep attachment to his professional caregivers. …

Post Micturition Convulsion Syndrome 
Pee shivers and frequent urination in my 7 months old girl worries me. Do infants with frequent urination need medical evaluation? She passes urine …

Myoclonus: Recurrent Body Jerks 
My 15 months old experiences whole body jerks similar to the movements when one is having hiccups. They are frequent, and almost at regular intervals. …

Falling off Her Growth Curve?
Rule out PCOD in Teenage Girls
My daughter’s puberty related growth spurt has probably failed. She was found to be 1cm below her growth curve when she got the first menstrual period …

Short Arm Span in a 9 Year Old 
Doc what is the significance of arm-span in growth assessment of children? My daughter is 9½ years old and is of average height but has short arms. …

Dance Practice Linked Short Stature 
Is dancing a cause of short stature? My daughter is 10 years old. Would practicing Kathak during pubertal phase affect her adult height adversely? …

Itchy Skin 
My adolescent son of 12 has been complaining of itchy skin. He regularly gets scratching sensation. This irresistible desire to itch arises from within, …

Peer Rejection
Cause or Effect of Social Anxiety
My 10 yr old granddaughter has developed social anxiety probably due to peer rejection. She is having problem at school with 3 or 4 other girls. She …

Sexual Behavior in a 4 Year Old Boy 
4 year old well behaved boy teaching his 3 year old brother oral sex acts and open mouth kissing. Why is this happening? Is there abuse happening? …

HPV Vaccine for Boys and Girls 
Is HPV vaccine safe for children? My 9 yrs. old daughter and 11 yrs. old son have been asked to take it. Need information on HPV and its vaccine …

Weight Gain in Children 
Doc, the height gain of my 6 year old daughter is not in proportion to her weight gain. I have observed that the other girl of her age are 3 to 4 …

Sudden Weight Gain 
Dear Doc, I have noticed sudden weight gain in my daughter who will soon turn 8. Abnormal weight gain started about 2 yrs back and has accelerated over …

Growth Pattern in Children 
Dear Doctor, over last 2yr. I have noted discrepancy in height gain of my 7yr. old son. He had gained almost 10 cm from March'2010- March'2011. But …

Menstruation Onset at Puberty 
Menstruation, cyclic monthly bleeding, starts in teenage on attainment of puberty. Can I tell when my daughter will get her first menstrual period? …

Thumb sucking and Nail Biting  
Dear Doctor, My 8 years old son still sucks his thumb and has the habit of biting his nails. Whenever he is free his thumb goes into his mouth or he is …

Low Energy Levels In A Child  
My 8 years old son regularly complains of tiredness after the daily routine activities for the age. His energy levels are generally low. He is …

Always Sick  
My 5 years old daughter is sick every 2 to 3 weeks for as long as I can remember. She has seen her doctor often and he always says that it is normal …

Red Mark On The Back  
My daughter is 10 years old. Her growth and development has been normal with average height and weight. Since last 4 months she has developed a smooth, …

Injectable polio vaccine 
How necessary is an injectable polio vaccine? My doctor says, injectable polio vaccine is essential, even though my child is getting OPV including …

Painful With Underlying Golf Ball Like Mass
My 17 year old sister (129 lbs. 5'5) had an incident 8 years ago that involved her falling on glass and cutting her butt open. She has had a scar ever …

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