Painful With Underlying Golf Ball Like Mass

My 17 year old sister (129 lbs. 5'5) had an incident 8 years ago that involved her falling on glass and cutting her butt open.

She has had a scar ever since. Last Friday,17/02/2012, she complained that the scar was hurting.

I looked at it on Monday and think that she has a keloid the size of quarter on and around the scar. It is about 1/5 centimeter thick and it feels as though a golf ball is under the scar.

She is complaining of a sharp stabbing needle like pain that extends about 6 inches away from the site of the keloid.

My mother has been putting a scar gel on it that is used for raised scar tissue. However, it does not seem to be helping.

She has thought about putting her in an epsom salt bath and has heard that hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda helps as well. She has also heard about apple cider helping.

My sister does not have insurance at the time and would like to know if self helping is not suggested at this point and what may partake from the doctor if she takes her.


The Expert, Ren Chats, Answers -

There can be many causes for this problem and the treatment will vary accordingly.

I am unable to pinpoint the diagnosis, because of some missing links in the information submitted, such as -

1. Was the scar painless for last 8 years until a week ago?

2. Has your sister had a repeat injury on the same site in the recent past – say, about a month back.? It could be a blunt injury – something like a hard blow.

3. Are there any signs of inflammation on the site of complaint?

4. Is the swelling tender (pain on touch) or there is deep seated dull pain within that radiates sharply at times?

5. Was there delayed healing of the initial glass cut injury ?

6. Is there any restriction of the joint movement?

My Recommendations

1. Defer any sort of treatment
without investigating the underlying cause and character of the mass on the buttock.

2. I will strongly discourage self management without knowing the cause. It may or may not be related to 8 years old trauma.

3. Plain X-ray picture
of the mass – if there is a bone formation in the mass, this could be diagnostic.

Such picture is seen in Myositis Ossificans that occurs secondary to trauma, but the duration of 8 years does not fit. It can also be due to calcified hematoma.

4. MRI evaluation
a must if the plain X-ray picture does not help to rule out –

i. Abscess – could be cold abscess or a regular abscess.

ii. Lipoma

iii. Extension of scar tissue

iv. Sebaceous cyst

v. Malignancy

Hope this information will be of help. Please contact your local doctor at the earliest and get the ball rolling.

Hopefully it will prove to be due to a cause that needs no/minimal treatment, but malignancy should be ruled out.

After the investigations, you can resubmit the case with the pictures. My vistors and I will be thankful for the complete information on the subject.

You are welcome to post your further queries on the subject as “comments “ to the topic.

Take care.

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Painful With Underlying Golf Ball Like Mass

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Feb 28, 2012
Infected F. B. Granuloma
by: Dr. K. S. Prasad

Details on the young patient's history of sickness, such as recent injury, any sign of inflammation or presence of fever, remain wanted to be able to come close to a more definite diagnosis.

If non of the above mentioned symptoms are present, the first option to my mind is, a totally new event unrelated to the old injury and needs to be investigated.

However, if the signs of inflammation are noted, then it could be an infected foreign body granuloma.

In any case she need a proper medical attention.

Little about me , Dr. K.S.Prasad, the commentor -

I am an orthopedic surgeon from India with more than 30 years of experience in the speciality.

Feb 25, 2012
The Expert's Opinion on "Lump on Buttock "
by: Ren Chats

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