Newborn Care: An Instinct or Advanced Science

Newborn care is an advanced science that is practiced by the professionals and supplemented by technologies. Even then, the mothers are expected to develop the art of parenting instinctively and instantly as they welcome a newly born baby.

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Most parents do possess an extraordinary capacity to cope with the rising demands, but crying babies unnerve the most.

Newborn care includes newborn nursing and parenting

Care of newborns is influenced by individual child parenting capacity and basic knowledge of newborn nursing.

Besides the ruffling due to the abrupt transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life, newborns are also totally dependent on the parents for their needs of food, warmth and comfort.

Rooming-in (keeping the newborn near the mother) and
breast feeding are two important facets of care in neonatal period that play a major role in mother-child bonding.

The turmoil associated with parenting newborns is often extended right up to the toddler age of an infant. Not only the parents, but the entire family is swept in child care. It also affects the parenting of the elder child in the family.

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Soft Lump on Baby's Upper Arm 
Doc said it is lipoma, a fatty lump, nothing to worry about. My 3-month old daughter has a painless soft lump on the top of her upper arm, which moves …

Clonus and Jitteriness in Baby Born Preterm 
Hi, My son is currently 5 weeks adjusted and was born premature, at 30 weeks gestation due to a placental abruption. A week before he was born I was …

Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy 
I had been drinking alcohol in early pregnancy. What would be the effects of alcohol on the developing embryo? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? It was before …

Causes of Vomiting in Newborn Babies 
My 2 days old newborn boy has been vomiting since birth. He vomited soon after he was born, and every feed thereafter. The continuous vomiting has caused …

Chocolates Or Coffee Consumption by Mother Can Cause Jitteriness In Her Baby 
When is jitteriness abnormal Doc? My 3-month-old baby has jitters, both when awake and asleep. He was born premature. He had jitters during the first few …

Sleep Myoclonus 
Could it be Sleep Myoclonus? What could be causing the jerking movements during sleep in a 9 weeks old infant? My son got them at 6 weeks of age and again …

Exposure to Mold in Pregnancy: Does It Affect The Baby? 
Doc, could mold infection cause spasticity in my 7 weeks old infant? I was exposed to black mold during pregnancy. I moved out in the 7 month, and have …

Are Vaccines Safe? 
My 4mo old baby girl developed a reddish skin rash 2days after the vaccine shot. Could it be a vaccine allergy? Are vaccines safe Doc? The skin rash …

Post GBS Meningitis Seizures 
Doc, my friend’s newborn baby, who was born healthy, developed post GBS meningitis resistant seizures and development delay. Her daughter’s situation is …

Birth Hypoxia in Newborn Baby 
My son suffered neonatal hypoxia. He didn’t cry at birth, received ventilator support and oxygen supplementation for Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. …

Infant with Gastroesophageal
Reflux and Dystonia
Gets Ankle Clonus
Infant with dystonic movements associated with silent gastroesophageal reflux, diagnosed and treated as Sandifer’s Syndrome develops ankle clonus few weeks …

Vacuum Assisted Caesarean Section 
I had scheduled caesarean section 6 days ago at 39 weeks gestation. My baby came out with a big bump on his head (hematoma)! My gynaecologist said …

Child of Rage 
Baby just turned 6 months and all of a sudden throwing little fits of rage. Her eyes get big and her entire body goes into a quick shake. She clenches …

Unborn 34 weeks baby is 30 cm long, is it normal? 
I am 34 weeks pregnant. My baby is 30 in length from head to toe. Is this normal? The Expert, Ren Chats Answers Your data given is not only inadequate …

Constipation in Infancy 
Hello Doctor, My 13 weeks old daughter is suffering from constipation for last 7 weeks. First one and a half months she passed stools every second …

Tobacco Effects During Lactation 
Does tobacco chewing during lactation impede weight gain of breast fed infants? I am breast feeding my baby. He is 10 months old, and his weight is …

Over Riding of Skull Bones in Infants 
My 1 month old son has two overriding sutures on the head; one at Coronal and the other at Lambdoid suture. These overriding suture ridges were not there …

Maternal and Fetal Effects of Exercising During Pregnancy 
Doc, what are the effects of exercising during pregnancy on the mother and her fetus? Can I continue exercising throughout my pregnancy? I am healthy …

Twitching at Four Months of Age 
I was wondering how normal it was for my 4 month old to be twitching in the neck and head. She also makes a very weird face while she does it. Kind …

Ankle Clonus in 2 Months Old 
My son, born at 30 weeks, is 9.5 weeks old but only 2 days adjusted. He had about 20 beats of clonus on his left ankle and only about 6-8 beats on his …

Facial Twitching in 2 Month Old Baby 
Doc, my non-identical twins, a boy and a girl, have facial twitches that mainly involve eyebrows, nose and lips. It started around 2.5 months of age. …

Ankle Twitching 
My son, who is now nearly three month old, has ankle twitching intermittently. Each episode lasts only for a very short duration. It only occurs when …

Conceiving after Abortion 
How early is it safe to get pregnant again after an abortion in view of having a healthy baby? I was aborted at 27 weeks of pregnancy for brain abnormality …

Jitteriness at 3 Months  
I am concerned for my baby: She has jitteriness at 3 months of age. From the time she was one and a half to 2 months old she started having jittery …

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Newborn's Special Feeding Bottle 
Good Morning I would like to know where I can buy speacial feeding bottle for my nephew, who is only 3 days old. The baby in question can not be …

Strange Behavior of 10 Weeks Old Infant 
My son is 2.5 months old. Past couple of days he has exhibited a strange and rather scary behavior, which usually happens as he is getting sleepy. …

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