Newborn's Special Feeding Bottle

by Omar

Good Morning

I would like to know where I can buy speacial feeding bottle for my nephew, who is only 3 days old.

The baby in question can not be fed at breast or by a normal feeding bottle available in the market.

He needs a bottle which is something like calf feeding bottle.

My family lives in Algeria and I live in Chicago.

This is an emergency please......
Do let me know of any store here in Chicago.
Thank you so much!

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Apr 16, 2012
Expert's Opinion
by: Ren Chats

Hello Omar,

I can sense that you are extremely worried, hence I have made it a point to answer your query at the earliest.

You have not given any clue as to why your little nephew can not be fed by normal feeding methods.

1. Is the infant seriously ill requiring tube or intravenous feeding?

If so, he needs to be hospitalized and taken care off by special team of medical professionals, the neonatology team.

2. Has he got defective formation of the mouth, known as cleft lip/palate?

For cleft lip and/or palate there are special nipples available. You do not need a special bottle.

Any medical store nearby should be able to help you on this – say, “you want the special nipple to feed a newborn with cleft lip palate defect”

I will not be able to give you any particular shop address.

3. Until you get the required nipple, you could ask if the ladies back home can feed the baby drop by drop through a small spoon, a syringe (without a needle) or a dropper. – This may help tide over the crisis.

Take Care about hygiene and cleanliness of the feeding device you use! Syringe and dropper should be discarded after each use.

Best wishes.


Please note that this portal is not for emergency situations. Today I was just there when your question came in. Every time the situation may not be the same.

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