Clonus and Jitteriness in Baby Born Preterm

by Mary
(New York )

My son is currently 5 weeks adjusted and was born premature, at 30 weeks gestation due to a placental abruption.

A week before he was born I was hospitalized and he was closely monitored with no drops in heart rate. He was born with normal Apgar score weighing 3lbs 9 oz. His stay in the NICU was quite uneventful.

He has been home since 36 weeks gestation and doing well. He sleeps well, is gaining weight, and currently meeting all developmental milestones for a 2 month old.

Shortly after being home I noticed jitteriness in arms and legs which typically occurs while on his back and after prolonged play. It is always stopped by the initiation of sucking or touch. However, around term age he began showing some repetitive jerks (no more than 3-4 beats) in his knee which mostly occur when I'm burping him or he's uncomfortable.

His doctors believe this is all due to the underdeveloped nervous system, but I can't help worrying.

I do feel like the jitteriness and frequency of repetitive jerks have decreased but they are still present.
Thoughts and recommendations are appreciated!

Thanks for the post.
Following links may help. Please read through the text carefully. I am sure you will get answer to your concerns.

1. Is Jitteriness in Newborn Babies Abnormal?

2. Jittery Baby: The Mimics of Fits in Early Infancy

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