Ankle Twitching

My son, who is now nearly three month old, has ankle twitching intermittently. Each episode lasts only for a very short duration.

It only occurs when he is falling asleep or while eating. 99% of the time, I can induce it. The shake is never more than a few beats and has been gradually decreasing.

I have also seen it in his wrist twice; only when he lays on it and again only when he is asleep or almost asleep.

He is growing quickly, following the same curve for weight and head circumstance, and meeting or exceeding all milestones.

Should I be concerned???

Opinion of the expert, Ren Chats

The description of ankle and wrist twitches in your son do not indicate any underlying disorder for:

• He is growing well.

• Has normal development for age.

• Each twitching episode is remarkably short; only a few beats at a time.

• Can be induced.
Tics that can neither be induced nor stopped by external stimuli need prompt medical evaluation.

• Pressure or purpose associated.

• Occurs only during light sleep phase.

During light sleep (REM phase) infants often make semi purposeful movements. It is the phase of sleep when people get dreams, and when even adults may occasionally experience some jerky movements like missing a step.
Secondly, the wrist movements while being fed may be baby’s effort to use his own hands to participate in feeding process.

Lastly, when he happens to lay on his hand could be his effort to remove the pressure on the hand, but due to his yet developing motor skills the movements look like twitches.

Jitteriness beyond 3 mo.

The cut out limit of 3 months for normal and abnormal Jitteriness in Newborns is a safe limit recommended to avoid delay in optimal medical attention in an abnormal case.

An observant parent may however mark irregular movements of infants developing neuromuscular activity as twitches or clonus even up to 6-8 months of age.


In my opinion, formed from the details you have mentioned, there should be no reason for concern. But could you be mistaking ankle twitching for ankle clonus in 2 months old Infant?

Well, it would best to consult your pediatrician; the evaluation at pediatrician’s office can never be overemphasized.

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Sep 09, 2015
by: Hubri

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