Child Height Predictor

Child height predictor works on a predetermined notion that children's growth is a uniform continuous process. Indeed, it is continuous and an absolutely natural, but certainly not a uniform process. Growth spurts change the growth velocity intermittently.

To predict a child's expected adult height, we use a constant: the parents’ height; and a variable: the child’s growth pattern plotted on percentile growth chart.

However, plotting the serial measurements of child’s height, weight and head circumference on growth charts specific for age and sex takes care of the usual variations seen in children's growth pattern.

The influences on child growth are both internal and external: genetic makeup, ethnic background, hormonal spurts, nutrition and the diseases suffered by a child.

Furthermore, children's physical, emotional and social environment also have a major effect on their normal growth.

Consequently, the normal values of growth have broad limits. Any deviation in this process results in abnormal growth patterns.

The optimal child growth needs a lot of physical and psychological support from the caring parents and family.

Percentile growth charts can be used as child height predictor for any age desired, assuming:

  • Child's physical and emotional needs are and will continue to be well looked after,
  • Child enjoys good physical health and does not suffer from any chronic disorder.

Child weight

Formulas for expected average weight of children
(Between 0 - 12 years of age)


3 to 12 months

1 to 6 years

7 to 12 years

Weight in Kilos

[ Age(mo) + 9 ] divide by 2

[ Age(yr) x 2 ] + 8

{ [ Age(yr) x 7 ] - 5 } divide by 2

Beyond 12 years of age the sex difference sets in and with it comes the
growth spurt of puberty. Therefore, over 12 years age, determination of child's expected weight is possible only by using the sex specific percentile growth charts.

Just see the weight for height chart specific for boys/girls and you will know your child's approximate adult weight .

Well, appropriate body weight is the outcome of adequate energy intake and energy output. Any imbalance in this would result in either obesity or under nutrition.

I do understand that we need to first know the adult height. Parents would of course want to know both. They watch eagerly their child grow from conception to adulthood and are naturally curious to know how their child's stature would be as an adult.

Height: Expected average

Besides evaluating expected height on the growth charts (as explained above for calculating weight), we can also use the following formula for calculating height in children up till 12 years of age.

Average height (cm) for age (2 to 12 years) : [ Age(yr) x 6 ] + 77

Genetics and child height predictor

Child inherits stature representing genes from the parents. Correspondingly, the children follow their genetically determined height on the percentile growth curve throughout disease free childhood under the affectionate parenting. They grow to their adult height corresponding to that of their parents.

So here is the child's adult-height predictor depending on the average of the heights of the parents.

Mid Parental Height (MPH)

The formula to calculate expected adult height -

For girls:
{ [ Father's height (in.) + Mother's height (in.) - 2.5} divide by 2

For boys:
{ [ Father's height (in.) + Mother's height (in.) + 2.5} divide by 2

Note: Normal genetic height range is MPH +/- 3.5
Mid parental height calculation gives only an approximate expected adult height of a child in relation to that of the parents’.

Nevertheless, child height predictor formula is an important tool in hands of the pediatricians to evaluate a child with suspected growth disorder, but not without an appropriately maintained growth chart of the concerned child.

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