Parenting Middle Childhood
Recommended Parenting Practices

Parenting middle childhood is crucial for healthy development of children into successful adults. Contrary to common beliefs, middle childhood development is as crucial phase of childhood development as that of toddlers & teenagers

In order to function optimally within the environment and attain desired goals, children need to learn to enforce self-regulation; control their attention, behaviors, and emotions.

The adaptability thus developed is utilized when faced with social and personal demands.

The capacity to self-regulate is often attributed to differences in children's temperament, but acquiring effective self-regulation is one of the major challenges of middle childhood development. Warm and responsive
parenting middle childhood helps develop self-regulatory skills. 
Parenting styles also influence children's self-esteem, which plays a major role in child's personality development. 

Children who grow up with high self-esteem develop the capacity to self-regulate and interact effectively within the environment to meet the desired objectives. Click here to Share your Parenting Tips

Authoritative and supportive child parenting practices

Being authoritative and supportive in parenting middle childhood render best outcome:

  • Faith
    Trust your children. Lay realistic beliefs in them and they will always try to meet the expectations.

  • Encouragement
    Lay high, but reachable expectations on children, and encourage them to meet them with positive reinforcement.

  • Comparison is corrosive to child's self esteem
    Do not use "comparison" as a tool to incur improvement in child's achievements

  • Affectionate parenting
    Be involved in children's environment.
    Be caring; however insignificant it may sound to you but anything that ruffles the child should be of concern to parents.
    Be considerate and supportive; even in face of episodic failures.

  • Let children have their say and win arguments at least sometimes
    Parents, who talk to, listen to, and read to their kids become friends with them. And then children share their experiences excitements and apprehensions without hesitations.

  • Authoritative parents
    Lay reasonable limits and instill appropriate discipline.
    Co-regulation: Bilateral dynamic communication while implementing disciplinary limits.
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Disastrous practices of parenting middle childhood children


Child who is brought up with distrust feels despair.

Neglectful parenting

Coercive parenting

  • It is also known as authoritarian parenting, that is using force or terrorizing the child to meet parental norms of behavior and achievements.

  • It is negative parenting skill that brings out the worst results in a child.

  • Coercive parenting puts children down, draws undue attention to children's weaknesses and failures, and leaves children feeling unsafe in their own home and family.

Punitive parenting

  • Physical pain inflicting punishments are often used during this form of parenting, which amounts to child abuse.

  • Punitive punishments, such as yelling, intimidation, humiliation, or guilt that hurt a child's self-esteem.

  • Children's emotional growth and well being is permanently scarred.

  • Their performance deteriorates and they become aggressive, anxious and less social.

  • Punishment based discipline also jeopardises the parent-child relationship.

Permissive parenting

  • The parents are nurturing, accepting, indulgent and responsive to the child's needs and wishes.

  • Their behavioral expectations from the child are negligible and they are neither demanding nor authoritative towards children.

  • This often results in creating spoilt brats with poor self-regulating capacity, which renders children to be poor achievers.
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