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Child Health Chat, Issue #002 -- Summer Safety Tips For Enjoyable Summer Excursions
June 15, 2012

Striving For A Happy Childhood

Fathers Day brings in the sweet thoughts of joy associated with indulging fathers parenting.

High swings, canoe rides and all that can put up challenges. The unique parenting style of fathers endows children with skills and strength to explore their own abilities while encountering the challenges.

Father, the figure of love and support, strives towards happy times pepped with holidays and the season for excursions is here.

Summer is the time for outdoor fun. Sunshine and fresh air!
Have we preserved the nature’s gift of fresh air?
Does it continue to be as safe as Mother Nature hoped it to be?

This is also the month of "The World Environment Day". Let us take this opportunity to pledge to prevent air pollution.

The summer safety tips are here to make your excursions pleasurable.
Don’t let mishaps mess your merriment. Happy Holidays!

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Summer safety tips For Enjoyable Summer Excursions
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Fathers Parenting: Impingement and Effects.

Air Pollution Hazards on Child Health.

Child Health News

Skin Cancer Among Teenagers.

Effects of Folic Acid Fortification on Childhood Cancers.

Pearls From The Forums

Thumb sucking and Nail Biting.

Red Mark On The Back.

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Summer Safety Tips

Wow, it is summer time!
Children are excited. They can barely hold themselves indoors.
Fathers are busy redoing their play pad/ground in the garden.
After all, just a short summer holiday is not enough.

Play ground safety tips.

Playground related summer safety tips, as recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics are given below.

1. Make sure the surface under the playground is cushioned and absorbent, and extends at least 6 feet on all sides past the play area.

2. The swing seats should be made of a softer material, not metal or wood.

3. Make sure the equipment is assembled correctly and securely anchored to the ground, with all bolts and screws capped.

4. There should be no sharp, broken or rusty parts on play ground equipments.

5. Make sure the equipment is at least 6 feet away from walls or fences.

6. Make sure metal surfaces don't get too hot.

7. Never attach any type of rope to the equipment.

8. Don't allow children to play inappropriately -- no twisting, pushing empty swings or walking in front of moving swings.

9. Always watch children carefully on playground equipment.

10. Don't allow children to fight, push or shove.

Swimming pool safety tips.

Educate children on swimming pool safety. Awareness and reasoning will help them abide by the safety mechanisms implemented by you.

Fence your home swimming pool. Create an all round barrier of not less than 4 feet height and with slats less than four inches apart.

Protect the gates by incorporating self-closing and self-latching systems. The level of the latches should be such that no child can reach the latch.

Secure and lock the steps to the pool, if your pool is above the ground level. Best is to have a removable ladder, which can be placed only when the pool is in use.

Pool alarms do offer additional protection, but nothing can replace your care and vigilance.

Dos and don’ts at swimming pool:

1. Don’t drink alcohol/beer near the pool and at water sports. It impairs the judgment, stability and body controls.

2. Keep a close watch over children when near the pool or in the water.

3. Have enough floating devices handy.

4. Have a cordless phone with emergency numbers.

5. First aid kit and rescue equipment should be handy near the pool.

6. Must learn CPR – before making a pool at home.

7. Don’t leave children unattended at the pool.

8. Don’t enter the pool without a shower.

9. No one should ever swim alone - teenagers and adults included

10. Don’t run near the pool.

11. Don’t push or jump on others in the water.

12. Don’t dive or jump into shallow water.

13. Don’t swim if you’re sick.

14. Get out of water with any indication of oncoming storm, rain and thunder or any other signs of bad weather.

15. Don’t change a baby’s diaper near the pool.

16. Put swim diapers on babies and toddlers.

17. Wear water shoes to prevent blisters due to hot ground/sand around the pool.

Tips to beat the summer heat and UV rays -

1. Avoid Sunburns

Inordinate sun bathing is not safe, especially for light colored people.

Generous application of sunscreen cream/lotion on all exposed parts of the skin helps avoid sunburns in all children and adults

UV rays have potent effect even through water. So during swimming or playing water games use water resistant sunscreens.

2. Avoid Heat Strokes

In some parts of the world summer is really hot. Moreover, energetic physical activities all day out in the sun generate heat in the body. Therefore, to avoid heat stroke –

Avoid direct sun rays. Whenever possible – use umbrella or a broad rim hat, be in shade, take shelter in tents.

Drink lots of water.Children under 6 years of age need more water than the older children and adults.

Normally, an average adult, weighing 60 kilos, needs about 3 litres of water over 24 hours. This accounts to about 12 to 15 glasses. This requirement increases in face of environmental heat and physical activity.

Alcohol and beer do not substitute water. On the contrary they increase the need of water, because they increase urination.

Eat heat friendly foods like juicy fruits, cucumber, carrots etc.

Fried dry snacks like chips and French fries aggravate thirst. Moreover, many cooked foods may not survive the summer heat for more than 3-4 hours.

Adequate salt intake will help avoid cramps and heat exhaustion.

Loss of salt in perspiration is substantial on a sweaty hot day.

3. Carry health needs provision

a. Regular medicines.

b. Emergency supply of medicines and First aid kit.

c. Keep contact numbers of health services – local and home.

Beach Safety Tips

Beach safety tips include the combination of all the above.
avoid rip tides – they are dangerous.

1. Study the day's tide forecast before you plan to get in the water.

2. Avoid water surfing on a cold day – water and wind can cause rapid fall in your body temperature.

3. Always have your life jacket on while participating in water sports.

4. If caught in a rip current, don’t fight it. Remain calm. Swim or float parallel to shore. Once out of the current, swim toward shore.

Safety tips for children’s day out

The first day of summer, June 21, ASK Day: "Asking Saves Kids" is to remind parents to ask if any dangerous weapons like gun are there,where their child plans to spend the day.

Children love to explore the surrounding and they are impulsive too. Gunshot accidents and suicidal attempts are major causes of concern among children and youths.

Studies show that a major portion of suicidal attempts under the age of 18 are precipitated by the crisis faced within 24 hours of the attempt committed.

Safe guard your child and suicide proof your home. Download here a free ASK parents' guide.

Take care! Don’t let any mishap mess your merriment.
Happy Holidays!

Fathers Parenting: Impingement and Effects

Fathers Parenting provides children with that strong and silent wall against which they can stand and face the world.

The mother remains involved with the child and the man feels left alone. This is not something that anyone traditionally prepares us for!

What impinges fathers parenting, whose effects on children are invaluable and irreplaceable? Read to know.

Air Pollution Hazards on Child Health

Ambient air pollution is well above safe air quality. Children are unable to detoxify the toxins that mar their development and immunological system, making them prone to allergies, asthma and childhood malignancies.
Prevention is the only solution.
Click here to read the full article.

News on Child Health

Skin Cancer Among Teenagers.
Skin cancer among teenagers and young adults is on the rise. Inordinate direct exposure to sun rays during childhood leads to preponderance of malignant changes. Click here to read more!

Effects of Folic Acid Fortification on Childhood Cancers
Can Folic acid fortification bring about childhood cancer prevention? Results of an epidemiological study reveal lower incidence trend of some of the malignancies.
Click to read more!

Pearls From The Forums

Thumb sucking and Nail Biting
Wonder what the reason could be?
Is our society laying unrealistic demands on children?
Are children being exposed to information overload too early in life? Click here for your answers.

Red Mark On The Back
Vigilance about any new patch on the skin is recommended.

Click to read.

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