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Child Health Chat, Issue #004 -- Effects of Grandparents Parenting on Children
August 17, 2012

Striving For A Happy Childhood

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I am sure you are exhausted parenting through the summer vacations. Children back to school will be a relief indeed. Have you considered having your parents live in with you?

Even though the family units are shrinking, the influences of family relationships cannot be taken away. Children and grandparents have a natural bonding; and grandparents being close buffer children from psychosocial upheavals of the growing years.

Both parents being away at work is stressful for both, parents and children. Moreover, youths are moving out at a tender age, yet unaware of the worldly ways.

I have chosen Grandparents Day for the article of the month. Grandparents parenting provide psychosocial security not only to their grandchildren, but also to their own children – You.

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Effects of Grandparents Parenting on Children

Parenting with Maternal Depression Risks Childhood Development

Child Health News

Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Human Boca Virus and Child Health.

Pearls From The Forums

Parenting Tips to Keep Your Child from Biting Fingernails.

How Can I Tell When My Daughter Will Get Her First Period?

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Effects of Grandparents Parenting on Children

Grandparents parenting have dual effect. Grandparents not only parent their grandchildren but also offer physical, psychological and emotional support to their own children.

Parenting is strenuous full time job

The mothers who take the motherhood seriously often experience depression. Though depression in mothers is more common, studies show high incidence of depression in both the parents with children below 5 years age.

Many factors contribute to stress in the parents, therefore it is best if it is a shared effort. With grandparents at home:

• Children are not brought up in day care centers, but in home itself, with all their belongings around them.

• The young couple has more time to relax, which helps minimize stress in the relationships.

• All the family members enjoy each other’s company.

• The family squabbles then do not mount into devastating conflicts.

• The wisdom, tolerance and endurance of the elders offer stability to the family.

Grandparents’ parenting fills the lacunae in child care.

Professional and social commitments eat up parents’ time and strength. Instinctively most parents cannot disregard their duties towards their offspring, but family life becomes more of duty and less of fun. Grandparents provide stability to the family and emotional support to all.

Youngsters experience family bonding.

Children, instead of an empty house, come home to affectionate and caring grandparents. Instead of running back to peer group to beat the loneliness of an empty house, they share their growing pains and thrills with grandparents.

Grandparents influence children’s behavior.

Children learn to share care and concern; and the mature wisdom just gets passed down from grandparents to children. Adjusting to situations gets ingrained naturally.

They experience fewer peer problems. Emotional stability and timely solutions to psychological conflicts of formative years guard children from getting into substance abuse.

Grandparents’ parenting minimizes the chances of child abuse

Most abused children are innocent victims of domestic violence. Presence of grandparents often induces calming effect on parents’ behavior. Domestic violence and substance abuse among the young couples are reduced.

However, even if any family conflicts do occur, grandparents' parenting prevents them to permanently scar children’s psychosocial well being. Under their constant mature vigilance
children are also protected from outsiders’ abusive insults.

Minimizes the chances of being taken to foster home care.

Grandparents parenting can prevent scars on psychosocial wellbeing of children that are caused by foster home care in the event of a tragic turmoil in the family; disease, death, divorce, or financial constrains.

Happiness of togetherness reduces aches and pains of aging.

In spite of continuous strain of parenting, being with grandchildren is beneficial also for the elders. Being with children takes away personal depression and leaves no room for loneliness.

The fact is, the desire to have children is to live ones childhood once again. People start growing old as the youngsters start moving out of their life.

Youth is highly infectious. It makes grandparents and the parents feel young. While children gain from adults’ maturity, the adults
continue to remain full of youth in company of children. Happiness thus generated reduces aches and pains of aging.

Tolerance and compassion towards each other is the key.

• Grandparents need to accept the changes in modern society and not enforce their will on others.

• Grandparents need to appreciate that the parents now have the authority.

• Parents, with their authoritative position in the family, have to be compassionate towards the needs of their parents and children.

• The benefits of grandparents parenting cannot be weighed by money; The state usually does not reimburse the expenses incurred on grandparents.

Care for care: Grandparents usually do not expect cash reimbursement for parenting, but do wish to be loved and cared for.

Parenting with Maternal Depression Risks Childhood Development

Depression during parenting is common. Maternal depression robs mother's enthusiasm, energy, and motivation for parenting. Depressed mothers are neither able to provide optimal support nor enforce adequate discipline; and children suffer the consequences. Read to know.

News on Child Health

Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Often missed in children. It is closely associated with children's school related problems, behavior disorders and attention deficit.
Obstructive sleep apnea usually presents as snoring and intermediate restlessness in bed.
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Human Boca Virus and Child Health
Human Boca Virus, HBoV, Type 1 is now recognized to be the causative pathogen of the respiratory tract infections and diarrhea, which jeopardize child health in the early phase of childhood.
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Pearls From The Forums

Parenting Tips to Keep Your Child from Biting Fingernails
Most children outgrow the habit with maturity and gain in self-confidence. Nevertheless, it's wise to help your child overcome the bad habit as soon as possible by …
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How Can I Tell When My Daughter Will Get Her First Menstrual Period?
Age at menarche can vary from 9 to 16 years; 8 - 10 percent of normal girls get their first period even before 11 years of age. Many factors affect the onset of menstruation.

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