Keeping Children Healthy In Winter

by Joseph Baxter

What happens when you have to send your kids out in harsh winter; darkness, cold, and full of new germs?

Christmas break was great: Parents could spend time with their children and keep them healthy.
It all changes when the break ends and you have to send them to school.

Many children return to school partially sick or yet recovering from an illness. And your child could carry along the germs, which can put not only the child but the entire family at risk. But there is a Good News for you; there are ways to prevent your child from getting sick: Make sure to relay this information to your young ones!

Wash hands often: This should go without even saying!

Children’s hands reach and touch hundreds of objects/beings throughout the day, so make sure they remember to wash their hands. Of course this should be done before every meal and snack time, but also should be done often throughout the day.

Think if your kid hasn't washed their hands before unwrapping and sucking on a cough drop, many of the germs on their hands will be transferred to that drop and eventually into their body.

Make your children build a habit of washing their hands after using the restroom, touching pets, or playing with other kids. Especially when it’s cold out, tell them it’s alright to use warm water; recess time is likely to be quite cold, they would welcome the idea.

Drink plenty of water, but don't over do it!

Water helps loosen mucus during colds and helps replenish lost fluids during a fever. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t have your kids drink too much: Check the guidelines on "Drinking water, the forgotten health drink".

The last thing you would want is that your child who is struct by Flu gets dehydrated due to flu sweats or viral diarrhea, and lands up in more serious medical complications because of it.

This is not to get you worried.
Just cultivate the good habit;
regularly replenish fluid requirement of the body and avoid child health issues.

Adequate water intake helps to flush out harmful toxins from our body and even keeps obesity at bay.

Yet anxious? Don't be!
Post you questions and have Pediatrician answer them for Free

Flu shots.

Flu is common during winter months, and more so among kids. The disease is exhausting for both, the sick child and the parents: Demanding your constant presence; you miss work, kids miss school! If not vaccinated against flu, your entire family may be hit by the disease.

Each member of the family should get one flu shot every year in October or November. So, it really isn't something that requires a great deal of effort in order to prevent a whole bunch of problems! Some of the worst times to be sick are either during or soon after the holidays.

To summarize:

Prevent your child from getting sick by reminding them to wash their hands, drink enough water, and for you to schedule an appointment with your family physician for Flu Vaccination. Winter is especially ripe with various sicknesses, and children can be the chief carriers of the bug. Indeed. protect children first, but don’t forget to protect yourself as well.

About the Author: Joe Baxter

Joe Baxter worked in medical research for the majority of his life. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling abroad, working in his wood shop and freelance writing about Medical News.

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