Child Parenting Capacity
Is the Outcome of Several Factors

Child parenting is the outcome of interactions between parents’ limitations and capabilities against children’s needs and demands.
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Parenting is an art learnt over generations

Parenting is learnt in the course of being parented.
Parents try to give the best to their children: All that they desired but did not get during their childhood, and also what they got and learnt from their own parents.

Parents’ attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are activated during parenting have a very powerful impact on children’s behavior, which in turn has its impact on their parenting, self-concept, personality evolution and cognitive development.

People are the most important element of children’s environment.
Childhood development is therefore markedly influenced by the psycho-social approach of the people in the family, and the most important people for children are their parents.

Factors that affect individual child parenting capacity

Parents' own pleasant and unpleasant experiences along with the environmental influences on the prevalent family structure determine their capacity to cope with the task of child rearing. Each person's parenting skills are therefore unique: Don't hold back! Share your Parenting Skills. Your words may work wonders for a distressed parent and a depressed child.

Effects of stress and limitations experienced by parents as the members of the society are often reflected in their children’s attitude, who in turn grow to be the parents themselves.

Responsible parenting requires to forgo personal bias.
It helps parents to be able to give their children the best opportunities that would enable them to learn and develop the necessary skills: Read more at - Child Parenting Practices in Middle Childhood.

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Parenting practices imprint child's psychosocial development

Psychosocial development of childhood depends on secure and trustful
parent-child relationship. Healthy and affectionate relationship with the parents gives children the strength to cope with the stresses of their growing years. Share your parenting practices.

In contrast to common belief, childhood is not a period of all fun - devoid of worries and responsibilities. Like adults, children and teenagers often have distressing feelings. They find it difficult to handle the stress, for unlike adults, children do not have the means or the skills to understand and manage their stress adequately.

Children need parents' continuous support. They strive to seek parents’ acceptance and respect their knowledge and skills.

Parents provide secure and trustful relationship to their children. Any breach of trust in parent-child relationship jeopardizes child’s ability to have happy and trusting relations through out the life.

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