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Drug Induced Birth Defects 
Drug induced birth defects are known for generations. Medications available over the counter are perceived as safe, but their safety for fetus yet continues …

Asthma Linked To Lack of Sleep, Bad Grades 
For the 7.1 million children in the U.S. living with asthma, life can be miserable: the coughing, the wheezing, the shortness of breath. It’s reasonable …

Preventive Role of Gut Flora 
Gut flora is crucial for optimal immune balance. Disturbing the good bacteria can increase the chances of allergies and autoimmune mediated chronic …

Immunization Schedule 2013 
Revised immunization schedule for all children from birth through teenage is published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in Feb’2013. Lately, …

Acute Kidney Injury in Children 
Medications to bring down fever or take away pain are regularly given to children, often without any fear of undesirable effects on child health, but the …

Obstructive Sleep Apnea  
Does your child snore? Does she also have obstructive sleep apnea? Well, how could you know! Obstructive sleep apnea is a well known, but in …

Meningococcal Vaccine 
A new meningococcal vaccine in combination with Hib-another cause of meningitis in children has been approved by FDA for use in infants and toddlers. …

Aspirin The Miracle Medicine 
"Regular low dose of daily aspirin, taken over few years, can reduce the chances of developing skin cancer – including squamous cell carcinoma and malignant …

Skin Cancer Among Teenagers 
Skin cancer among teenagers and young adults is on the rise. Inordinate direct exposure to sun rays during tweens leads to preponderance of malignant …

Effects of Folic Acid Fortification on Childhood Cancers 
Folic Acid Fortification brings about childhood cancer prevention? Results of epidemiological study reveal lower incidence trend of some of the …

Human Boca Virus and Child Health 
Human Boca Virus, HBoV, Type 1 is now recognized to be the causative pathogen of the respiratory tract infections and diarrhea, which jeopardize child …

Cell Phone Use Affects Fetus? 
Cell phone use by expecting mothers projects a new threat to their unborn baby. Influences of the environment on a baby, through all the protective …

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Search For Causes Continues
The underlying cause of Autism spectrum disorder remains unknown for almost 90 percent of the cases and is therefore yet a matter of research. Autism …

Air Pollution Impedes Brain Growth Distorts Child Behavior 
Coexistence of air pollution and maternal depression during pregnancy impedes infant’s brain growth and leads to childhood behavioral problems; poor …

Parent Child Bonding & Parenting 
Infant bonding is believed to be a natural phenomenon, but it is a crucial part of newborns' neurodevelopment. Babies born preterm experience abrupt …

IVF and Child Health 
In Vitro Fertilization has gained huge acceptance, in spite of consistent reports on increased risk of rare birth defects in IVF babies. To be parents …

Prevention of Myopia Progression 
Could progression of myopia, the nearsightedness, be prevented? Beneficial effect of sunlight on children's eye health has been documented by recent …

Food Addiction
Squeal of Child Abuse
Children who experience physical or sexual abuse develop food addiction as adults. Obesity has been linked to childhood abuse with a psychological …

Brain Changes in Abused Children  
Child abuse victims are disturbed psychologically, emotionally and sexually for life. What makes the impact of childhood trauma persist through …

Role of Vitamin D in Prevention of Allergies 
Vitamin D has been proved to reduce the severity of allergic diseases in high risk children. This ignited hope!!! Could vitamin D offer primary prevention …

Prevention of Allergies in Children 
Prevention of allergies? Yes. Lately preventive dietary aid for childhood allergies has been proposed. Vast literature has emerged from several …

Mothers Who Drink Alcohol Beware  
Incidence of sudden infant deaths (SIDS) is several folds higher in babies of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy or during first year of childbirth. …

Obesity in Mothers 
Mothers’ pre pregnancy weight could be an important criteria to determine their children’s learning abilities during middle childhood years. With …

Unvaccinated Children at Risk 
Unvaccinated children at risk of measles outbreak in the UK. Over the past decade or so, a debate over the worth of childhood vaccinations has thrived: …

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Insulin Resistance Associated with High Fructose Intake  
High fructose intake has lately been attributed to the rising incidence of metabolic disorder, obesity and type 2 diabetes among children. But …

Premenstrual Syndrome And Dietary Iron 
Premenstrual syndrome, commonly known as PMS, is common. One in 3 teenage girls experience crippling pain and mood swings every month; almost for 10 days …

Egg Allergy and Flu Vaccine 
Children with egg allergy may also be able to take seasonal Flu vaccine without any fear of adverse reaction; proves the study published in Dec’2012 issue …

Parents Psychosocial Well Being Key to Child Health 
Financial insecurity disturbs parent’s mental health: Family disharmony mars children's psychosocial development. Some of teenage behavior disorders …

Effects of Fathers Mental Health 
Father's emotional state during pregnancy affects child psychology: Children whose fathers suffer undue anxiety before and after their birth, experience …

Depression during Pregnancy  
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) prescribed for depression during pregnancy do not increase risk of stillbirth and infant mortality concludes …

Creativity Area in Human Brain 
Where lie the neurons in our brain that assimilate imaginary, visual, auditory and motor inputs along with stored memory into variety of creative art? …

Emergency Contraceptive 
American Academy of pediatrics recommends prescription of “the morning after pill” for teenage girls. Gravity of problem Half of all the pregnancies …

Birth Control Methods  
Is intrauterine device use safe for teenagers? IUD is safe and efficient birth control method also for teenage girls with no previous pregnancy. …

Lack of Sleep 
In a recent study by Karen A. Matthews et al, lack of sleep in healthy teenagers has been correlated to increased risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. …

Trampoline Injuries 
Trampolines are a source of great excitement for children: Jumping and bouncing high up in the air gives the thrill. Seeing the children’s pleasure very …

Television Viewing Time 
All over the world, television viewing is a common pastime in most of the families. With the awareness of adverse effects excessive television viewing …

Flu Vaccine 
On September 10, 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics published its recommendations for use of seasonal influenza vaccine to prevent Flu in children …

Childhood Metabolic Syndrome 
Metabolic syndrome associated with childhood obesity weakens children’s learning ability. Consequently, obese children find it difficult to reach the desired …

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