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I am Ren Chats, a pediatrician by profession for over 30 years.
It is my passion for my profession that brings me here today.

Seeing children through their illnesses is not only my profession but also my passion.

Working in the limitations of my consulting rooms and hospital, I have felt restricted to only a small section of the society.

I have often sensed parents’ anxiety and have managed to clear their doubts successfully, but I desired more.

I wanted to reach you all. So here I am with child health explained in easy to understand form.

At this point I should thank all my patients and their parents for their encouraging feedback. It is they who have all along inspired me to write a book on the subject.

The book never got materialised due to my busy schedule, but then I found "Solo Build It", all-in-1 package of process, that has made this website possible.

Yes, my effort here is to create a dedicated child health site, and share my child health experiences and knowledge with you all.

If you wish to ask a question, share a thought, send feedback or comment about anything you have read on this site, I'm happy to hear from you.

Links of the interactive portals are listed in the right hand column. Browse and write.

To tell me click here.

I highly appreciate your support. It is my asset.

Ren Chats

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Child Health Explanation

Child Health Explanation

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Child Health Explanation
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