Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are Explosives: Guard children Against Injuries.

Fireworks are Explosives: Guard children Against Injuries.

The glitter of fireworks shadows its ill effects on child health. Fireworks safety tips are to help parents protect children from various unsafe practices associated with common use of fireworks.

Fireworks are explosives

They are best when used by the professionals. Unfortunately, a trend is set up out there: Every celebration exhibits fireworks!

Their easy availability and association of with "fun" further increases the indulgence among common households. Often children not only have an easy access to this dangerous sport, but also a competitive approach towards it.

Watch out! If you must indulge, please follow the fireworks safety tips:

• Avoid fireworks

Do not ever use illegally manufactured fireworks:
Fireworks have explosives and can get life threatening.

Ignite fireworks outdoors:
Only in an open area; not crowded and with no vehicles around.

Keep them away from reach of small children: Fireworks are not toys.

No alcohol with fireworks:
Do not have alcohol containing drinks during fireworks celebrations.

• The person who ignites the fireworks should wear safety glasses.

Watch from safe distance.

Adult close supervision of fireworks activities absolutely essential:
Young children should not be allowed and teenagers should be supervised.

Brown paper packages of fireworks indicate “only for professional displays” in many countries: Avoid buying them, they could pose a danger to common consumers.

Light fireworks one at a time.

Do not bend over the fireworks while igniting them or otherwise.

Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting a firework.

Keep enough water handy: a bucket full or a garden hose.

Firework that is partly ignited or failed to ignite:
Never try to relight or handle a "dud" firework. Wait 20 minutes and then put them in a bucket full of water to be discarded safely later.

Take care that the fireworks do not point at any person or vehicle.

Do not throw fireworks towards another person.

• Never carry fireworks in pocket

Do not shoot fireworks off in metal or glass containers: Shoot only from mud holds.

Spent fireworks:
After fireworks complete their burning, immerse the spent device in plenty of water and discard safely.

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Wishing you healthy and happy celebrations!

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