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Child Health Chat, Issue #006 -- Guard Children against Fireworks Injuries
October 15, 2012

Striving For A Happy Childhood


We are entering a phase of yearly celebrations: Sweets and fireworks will dominate the horizon. The festivity is accentuated by the gleeful giggles and the cheerful chatter of children.

Unaware of the risks involved, parents often fall over themselves to indulge their children’s demands:

Here are a few articles that throw more light on the subject.

The article of the month: Guard Children against Fireworks Injuries.
You of course know what goes in the making of fireworks; gun powder!

Know the risks!

Table of Contents


Guard Children against Fireworks Injuries

Do You Know What Sweetens Diet Drinks and Ice-Creams?

Child Health News

Effects of Background TV

Trampoline Injuries

Pearls From The Forums

Sudden Weight Gain


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Guard Children against Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks are commonly associated with fun and festivity, disregarding the disasters that they cause year after year: The fireworks injuries!

The pleasurable visible and audible effects produced by combustion and detonation make us forget the pain and sufferings associated with the sport.

Sport Yes, but not play; certainly Not child’s play by any means

You of course know what goes in the making of fireworks; gun powder. However, the concentration and the quantity may differ to create the irresistible play of colors and sparkles.

Every year millions of children sustain wide variety of fireworks injuries.

Most children are instinctively scared of loud sounds and fire, but we nudge them in to it; and consequently into the fireworks injuries; blunt injuries - amputation of a finger, thumb or lower arm, burns and toxic air pollution.

All forms of fireworks are capable of causing severe injuries, but even minor injuries can cause significant lifelong disabilities that can have huge financial, emotional, and social implications.

Eye injuries

Many children even go blind and at least a double of them sustain significant eye injuries due to sparkles created by fireworks.

Fireworks also generate lots of smoke

The toxins in the air let out by burning of dangerous chemicals in fireworks renders millions of children fighting for breath; trigger of asthma attacks, wheezing episodes, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and so on.

Loud sounds of fireworks can jeopardize children’s hearing ability

Fireworks generated sounds are 2 to 3 times louder than that considered optimal for normal hearing. Bombarding of loud sound on delicate nerve endings in the ear incurs permanent damage. The intensity of damage is directly proportional to the intensity of sound and the duration of the exposure; and inversely proportional to the proximity of the source of the sound.

The irritation of nerve endings continues long after the episode of loud sound passes off.Consequently, buzzing sound in ears often becomes a permanent issue with No avail offered by medical faculty. Some nerves may be totally damaged: The number of nerve endings damaged determines the intensity of hearing loss.

It is important to note here that nerve endings do not have the capacity to heal or regenerate. The damage caused is permanent and recurrent exposure to loud sound of fireworks at each festive celebration adds to injury.

Burns: The most common fireworks injury

Burns are the third-leading cause of accidental injury-related deaths among children 14 years of age. Even the most innocent fireworks, the sparklers, burn at nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit at their center. Burns resulting from fireworks usually involve the hands, face, arms and chest areas. Moreover, the outbreak of fires attributable to fireworks endangers millions of lives each year.

Financial drain on family

Money spent on buying fireworks eats on family budget, especially of the poor and middle class. In addition is the money spent on medical care for fireworks injuries; directly or indirectly. Property damage caused by fireworks further adds to the financial drain on the family.

Child labor

Fireworks industry is a lucrative business; small investments big returns at the cost of child labor. More than 80 million children worldwide are employed in this dangerous work. Children as small as 6 years old are employed on meager returns. They are exposed to high levels of toxic material; explosive chemicals like potassium nitrate and gunpowder. The working conditions are very poor and have no control to regulate their health and safety.

What produces colorful sparkles?

How fireworks work depends how the gunpowder and various metal particles are packed in them. When the firework explodes, the metal particles get oxidized, generate heat and emit light. This light is seen by us as colors. Each metal produces specific color. Metals used in fireworks today include aluminum, titanium, beryllium, barium, copper, potassium and more.

Can adult supervision prevent firework injuries?

1 in 4 fireworks injuries occur in bystanders. Malfunctions of consumer fireworks are another cause of injuries, rest being accidental. Therefore, prevention of firework injuries is not possible by just preventing children from ignite fireworks or by providing adult supervision while using fireworks.

Take care: Guard children against health issues attributable to fireworks:
Follow fireworks safety tips.

May sparkles of good health continue to be with you through life.
Happy Celebrations!

Do You Know What Sweetens Diet Drinks and Ice-Creams?

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News on Child Health

Effects of Background Television Viewing
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Trampoline Injuries
Even parents’ supervision does not decrease the risk of trampoline injuries, and so it is strongly discouraged for homes.
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Pearls From The Forums

Sudden Weight Gain in Children
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