Language Development in Children

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What is language development?

Development of language is attainment of verbal skills to be able to link thoughts in a coherent fashion. It helps children to convey their intentions and maintain conversations essential for social interaction.

Learning to communicate follows a predictable pattern and parallels child’s general cognitive development.

Genetic factors also play a major role in children’s language learning process. Ability to communicate and development of language skills go hand in hand.

Communicative skills in ones native language is believed to be acquired naturally. Yet language learning is a gradual process that starts right from birth and continues well into teenage years.

Development of language is incredibly complex. Normal language delivery involves interconnected neural networks’ synchronization in different areas of the brain.

What it takes to build children's communicative abilities?

Language Development

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  • Language-rich environment helps children to be able to draw on their inborn potential to communicate. Here are some ideas for how you can introduce fun in the family and see your child’s verbal skills and other facets of childhood development bloom.
  • Responsive adults who hold a conversation directly with children encourage them to use their newly learnt vocabulary and comprehend their thoughts effectively.

  • Language modification is often needed to communicate effectively in different situations, for example; children talk differently about their studies to their parents, friends and teachers
  • Body language such as posture, eye contact and gestures plays a major role in social communication.

  • Nonverbal skills like pragmatical and behavioural skills are needed too to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

  • Physical factors also influence development of language : An infant’s ability to hear, see, comprehend, and remember are crucial for the normal language and speech development. Equally important is development of the motor skills to cope up with the oral movements to generate speech.

Development of communicative capabilities during middle childhood reflects child's intelligence and psychosocial development of middle childhood.

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