Role of DHA Supplements in Optimizing
Child Health

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DocosaHexaenoic Acid, DHA supplements only one fraction of essential fatty acids needed for child’s well being. Its requirement for child health is something like that of vitamins and trace elements. 

Based on recent research, the market is flooded with fortified foods for toddlers and children, but it is the well balanced diet makes the food healthy.  

DHA supplements in form of Fish oil and Algae Omega-3 are easily available over the counter. But be warned! Side effects do occur.

It is therefore best to best to consult a doctor for the latest information on recommended limits appropriate for a child’s specific needs for DHA before supplementing it.

What are the side effects of excessive DHA intake?

DHA for child health, at the time of writing this article, is generally considered safe. However anything taken in excess can be harmful; may it be water or oxygen.

The known side effects are nausea, gaseousness, belching, tummy upset, loose motions, tendency to bruise easily, and prolonged bleeding time often presented as nosebleeds. Fishy taste and smell in mouth may linger after consumption of fish oil based supplements. Most side effects can be dampened by taking the prescribed supplements with meals.

Moreover, DHA when supplemented in therapeutic doses can alter the presentation of certain chronic disorders, thereby delaying appropriate medical management of the disease.

It is also known to aggravate the effect of certain drugs like aspirin and some medications given for high blood pressure. 

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Preventive and Therapeutic benefits of DHA

DHA supplements are now commonly recommended for minimizing the sufferings associated with common chronic disorders of childhood. The therapeutic benefits of DHA on child health are attributed to its effect on neurotransmission, neurogenesis, and minimization of oxidative stress.

Though it is a fact that DHA promotes child health, supplement DHA in
children's meals  over and above usual healthy foods Only under proper
medical guidance.

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