Teens Therapeutic Activity: Blogging

by Agnes Jimenez

Teens who are facing troubled times often need an outlet for their feelings, emotions and thoughts. Without one, it all just builds up within them.

This is why teenagers often connect so well with music. They see the poetry of the lyrics as a way to express themselves.

In event of traumatic experiences, such as death of a loved one, teenage children need special attention.

A chance of scenery often helps. But there are less drastic changes that you can make: For instance, introduce blogging! Just help your teens to set up a new blog that they can use as their very own personal diary.

Blogging is an outlet

Blogging is helpful because writing is a safe and a creative outlet for thoughts and emotions. Putting things down on paper, even if that paper is the digital kind found on an Internet Blog, means that they have been expressed.

Writing will help them unbolt their bottled up feelings. They will not be obsessing over things that have never been put into words. Even if no one reads the blog, simply writing down their thoughts can make teens feel better.

Working through thoughts

Blogging helps writers work through their thoughts. During the years of childhood development children often experience emotional upheaval; anger, frustration and sadness. But they usually fail to realize why they feel the way that they do.

Writing their thoughts down makes teens slow down their emotions. Thereby their frantic thinking gets deflected towards logical thought process. They can then analyze their feelings and the real cause behind them, which can lead to revelations that may be helpful.

Learning about themselves

Blogging brings forth creativity, and writing is the outcome of logical thought process. Through this process, the teens will learn more about themselves.

In the flow of writing, many new thoughts surface. Some may even be that they have never truly experienced before.

Though it sounds strange
and nearly impossible,
growing children could end up writing things that they did not ever consciously realized they were thinking about. They may also learn things just by going back and reading through their own blog posts.

All of this thinking and writing can help teenagers mature emotionally.
They will then have a firm grasp on their feelings along with the insight to the reasons behind those feelings. And all on their own accord!

Putting things in perspective

Writing puts situations into perspective and keep teenage depression at bay: For example; if a loved one passed away, a teen may end up writing in the blog about all of the good times they had together and all of the fun they experienced. This can show the teen that it is not just a time for sorrow. It is time for a celebration of that person's life.

About the Author: Agnes Jimenez

Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and currently partners with HelpYourTeenNow.com in spreading awareness about troubled and depressed teenagers, and how to deal with them. "Help Your Teen Now" aims to increase awareness on the current psychological and societal stresses of today's teens and how these factors affect the future of our society.

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Thoughtful Outlet for Troubled Teens
by: Ren Chats

Thank you Agnes for you great contribution. Many teenagers will love the suggestion. Children at that age love to start writing their diary. And Blog is such a convenient diary to maintain.

In present times No cost is involved in maintaining a personal Blog. Google and WordPress offer it for Free.

Blogging, besides being the outlet for bottled feelings, can also be a source of great satisfaction that comes from being creative. Moreover, over a period of time, teenagers may actually start earning from it!

What a contrast from Social networking, which endangers teenagers to media effects like Sexting, Facebook Depression and more.

Agnes, hope you will visit the site often. I and visitors to the site look forward to your contributions.

by: Agnes

Will surely do that. I plan to add a Frugal Parenting section on my Frugal Living blog. Would be great to become blogging partners. (:

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