Preconception Counseling
Imparts Seriousness to Sexual Behavior

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Besides sex education, preconception counseling could impart seriousness to adolescent sexual behavior. Unintended pregnancies are most common among teenagers, and the consequences that follow are severe for them, their offspring and families, and for the society at large. 

Tween, teens and youths shy away from visits to doctor’s clinic; more so for being guided on medical interventions needed for healthy childbearing in future. The concept of counseling on essential health needs associated with child birth is too far fetched for teenagers in love. They indulge in sexual activities without regarding the possibility of conceiving a baby.

Preconception counseling therefore need to be initiated for children
much before they attain puberty.

Facets of Preconception Counseling

 Preconception care before and between pregnancies

Sexual relationships and childbearing are crucial aspect of all living being.
Poor pregnancy outcomes adversely affect even the strongest.

Preconception counseling offers individualized interventions to minimize
the risks for the mother and her baby.

Social support and essential health care recommendations help couples to provide their forthcoming baby with best emotional, social and physical well being both before and after birth.

Health care recommendations before and between pregnancies:

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