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Child Health Chat, Issue #016 -- Caring for Baby in the Womb
August 29, 2013

Striving For A Happy Childhood

Preparing for the coming of your new baby?
Nursery is decorated.
Fixtures and furniture are diligently selected.
And chosen accessories and decorative dresses are acquired.

But was the place where the baby first resided equally taken care of?
Concept of caring for baby in the womb is extended beyond prenatal care.
Yes, it has to start years before conceiving!

Don't be perturbed. It's never too late to implement healthy habits!
The article of the month:
Caring for Baby in the Womb
And lots more.
Read on and propagate !!!

Table of Contents


Caring for Baby in the Womb

Preconception Counseling

Child Health News

Drug Induced Birth Defects

IVF and Child Health

Pearls From The Forums

HPV Vaccine for Boys and Girls

Maternal and Fetal Effects of Exercising During Pregnancy

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Caring for Baby in the Womb

Caring for baby in the womb starts years before conception. Like us, Babies too need healthy environment to grow – also in the womb.

Preconception health care prepares a disease free happy womb for fetal development and thereafter.

Sexual activities are common and fun too!

Even children get interested in matter related to sex even before the onset of puberty. But there could soon be a baby involved, usually escapes their consideration.

Consequently, majority of pregnancies are unplanned and unintended, which have undesirable impact on the baby in the womb, parents-to-be, the family and eventually on the entire society.

Awareness on preconception health care need to be propagated.

Risky sexual behavior, thereby unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases frequently plague teenagers and youths; that hinders their progress through the formative years.

Preconception counselling in school years will impart knowledge, support and care for all round health needs essential for happy experiences from physical sex.

Baby in the womb is not only about recording fetal growth.

Fetal growth is well advanced even before the mother realizes that she could be pregnant. Common habits like coffee consumption, alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking are threats to birth of a normal newborn.

Adequate nutrition along with necessary supplementation like that of Folic acid, iron and iodine optimize brain development of the baby in the womb.

Prevention and adequate treatment of infections and other diseases is also important for healthy pregnancy. Moreover, obesity among youths has taken a form of worldwide epidemic. Diabetes is also on the rise. Both have undesirable effect on the fetus.

It is our duty to provide healthy environment, where the baby is going to reside all alone for long period of 9 months. Therefore, reach optimal physical, emotional and social health before pregnancy is planned. Planned pregnancy helps caring for the baby in the womb and those at home.

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Preconception Counseling
Counseling on the possibility of unintended pregnancy, and the health needs necessary to be able to support a baby in the womb could impart seriousness to adolescent sexual behavior. Unintended pregnancies are most common among teenagers, and the consequences that follow are severe for them, their offspring and families, and for the society at large...
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News on Child Health

Drug Induced Birth Defects
Drug induced birth defects are known for generations. Medications available over the counter are perceived as safe, but their safety for fetus yet continues to be unclear.
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IVF and Child Health
In Vitro Fertilization has gained huge acceptance, in spite of consistent reports on increased risk of rare birth defects in IVF babies. To be parents need to know all possible consequences!
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Pearls From The Forums

HPV Vaccine for Boys and Girls
HPV vaccine is recommended as a cancer preventing vaccine. Vaccines are given to build up immunity; optimally and specifically mold the body defense system before children are exposed to the offending organism. And sexual activity is common among tween and teens.
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Maternal and Fetal Effects of Exercising During Pregnancy
Exercising is recommended during pregnancy, but there are precautions and contraindications as well. Need to read the full article to know the benefits and threats for baby in the womb. -

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