Conceiving after Abortion

by Lolita

How early is it safe to get pregnant again after an abortion in view of having a healthy baby?

I was aborted at 27 weeks of pregnancy for brain abnormality in my baby. Doctor my concern is:

1. Can my next baby also have similar problem?

2. Is it true that if not tried soon after an abortion the chances of conceiving become poor?

3. What would be the best time gap for conceiving?

We would like to have a baby as early as possible. Regards, Lolita

The Expert, Ren Chats Answers:

How early can I conceive again?

All abortions drain on mothers' emotional and physical well being, which is crucial for healthy growth and development of a fetus. Therefore it is advisable to wait for 18 to 36 months before conceiving again. It is more important to have a healthy baby than have a baby quickly.

Is it true that if not tried soon after an abortion the chances of conceiving become poor?

Single abortion usually does not diminish the chances of conceiving.
This is a misconception from doctors discouraging abortions in favor of the use of contraceptives.

Why Doctors discourage abortions in favor of the use of contraceptives?

1. Abortions are emotionally and physically traumatic not only for the mother, but also for the father.

2. In contrast to birth control methods, each abortion leaves an open raw area in the uterus, thereby increasing the chances of infection, which could have long term adverse consequences on the female reproductive organs.
However, in your case it has almost been like having a baby.

3. Contraceptives are much better method for preventing pregnancies.
4. Abortion is a medical procedure and not be used as a crude method for discarding unintended pregnancies.

How early can I again conceive in view of having a healthy baby?

I) Can my next baby also have similar problem?

One has to look into what could have caused abnormal
brain development in a fetus, so that you do not go through the traumatic experience once again.

1. Look for any genetic predisposition:
Family history or mutation. Mutation can be diagnosed on genetic screening.

2. Refrain from addictions:

a. Over consumption of caffeine containing foods - coffee, chocolates, beverages etc.

b. Tobacco smoke: Both direct and second hand smoke are devastating for fetal growth and development.

c. Alcohol in any amount and at any time jeopardizes fetal brain development and leaves stigma for life.

d. Drug abuse in all its forms is disastrous for the growing brain.

3. Mother should have adequate nutrition:
Regular meals of mixed balanced diet with adequate protein intake.

4. Folic acid supplement is crucial to prevent malformation of nervous system (Neural Tube Defects)

5. Normal Iron levels are crucial for formation of neuro-transmitters. It is best to evaluate serum iron as iron deficiency can occur even in absence of anemia.

6. Normal Thyroid hormone levels are essential for normal brain development.

7. Avoid Stress - Moderate lifestyle is essential for healthy outcome of pregnancy.

II) What would be the best time gap for conceiving?

Rule out all the above factors, start on supplements as needed by consulting your doctor and give yourself enough time to recover, which will lead to optimal newborn growth.

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