Bullies, Baggage, and Heart Ache.

by Brittany Herring

Don't Settle For Bullying

Don't Settle For Bullying

Teenage development is a very hard time.

Teenagers go through love, bullies, friends, enemies, social experiences, - even a few heart aches.

For me, it was all of the above.

My best friend for years, who was like a sister to me, turned on me & started to bully me. This, of course, was hard, but having no support system except my family, was even harder. I went from depressed to severely depressed.

School, friends, family (at times,) didn't matter to me.

I just wanted to be accepted. When you go through changes, whether it be physical, social or mental you often become confused and lonely. For me, school has always been fun, I love reading, writing, I have just never liked the social aspect of it.

I am not the average, "drop-out-of- high school" kind of girl.

In fact, this was never an option until I had to move 3,000 miles away from school and attend 3 different high schools. When my dad lost his job, I felt a relief! - Almost like all of those bullies were one step further than me But my friends? Yeah I missed them. So, two years and two high schools later, I dropped out of high school to take online classes.

This was another hard adjustment.

It takes a lot of self-discipline and responsibility. But I know I can do it. Life is hard, and can also be very discouraging too. But I know that no matter what happens, I must always stay happy and respectful. Life as a 17 year old girl is not always easy, whether it be eating disorders or cutting, you must stay strong. And let’s cut these stereotypes of "girls," because boys also have struggles, so give them a break! :)

Small message to my friends out there:

I would strongly recommend you to read “Peers, a Peek at Peers' Psyche, Why They Do What They Do”. This book could resolve a lot of emotional and social issues for now and future. Keep cool and don't give up. Eventually you do come out on top. You do find happiness and love, whether it be within a partner and profession. You will be okay and it will all happen for you.
Don't be depressed. Get help. Indulge in therapeutic activities.
Don't settle for bullying.
You can do this.
I promise.

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Thanks a million
by: Ren Chats

Thank you Brittany Herring for encouraging millions of teenagers to emerge strong from ill effects of bullying.

You sure have proved your mettle.
I wish you all success.
Take care!

Good post
by: Augustine Bartoletti

Awesome blog! How much time did you spend to make so wonderful site?
Could you contact me please to discuss an advertising on your blog? I would pay the amount you want for banner ads or other ads you can suggest.

Answer me, please! Thank you!

Life after
by: Britt

Hi there,
It took me a few hours to construct this blog. This was probably about two to three years ago & my oh my how things have changed. I think you want to contact the main publisher of this wonderful website.
Thank you,
Brittany Herring

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