Adolescents with Overweight and Obesity

Published in BMC Pediatrics, "Motivations for weight loss in adolescents with overweight and obesity: a systematic review" identified the motivations for weight loss in overweight and obese adolescents. In the six included studies, the main motivations were: health, appearance, self-esteem and avoiding bullying .
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The thought of getting back in shape is exciting, but the road to it is full of obstacles. That is what makes obesity a trap from which people see no escape. Nothing seems to work, neither the diet regimes that are difficult to comply with, nor the vigorous workouts. The whole process steals the joy of life.

The book, In Shape: Beauty With Health From A Medical Perspective will guide you through weight management; show the ways to lose weight and avoid regain. It helps plan personalized weight loss program, for no single regime can hold true for all. It helps you build your very own

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