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Jan 09, 2018

Anorexia Nervosa

Eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa is caused by distorted concept of body image and fear of obesity that lead to self-starvation. Genetic, environmental and psychological…

Continue reading "Anorexia Nervosa"

Jan 09, 2018

Anorexia Nervosa: Treatment

Anorexia nervosa needs treatment for medical complications, psychological support, nutritional rehabilitation, medications for psychological comorbidities and attention bias modification therapy

Continue reading "Anorexia Nervosa: Treatment"

Dec 19, 2017

Anaphylaxis in Children: Field Management

Anaphylaxis in children hits anywhere Efficient first aid field management of this life-threatening allergic reaction can save life Recognize and Treat it promptly

Continue reading "Anaphylaxis in Children: Field Management"

Nov 26, 2017

Chocolates Or Coffee Consumption by Mother Can Cause Jitteriness In Her Baby

When is jitteriness abnormal Doc? My 3-month-old baby has jitters, both when awake and asleep. He was born premature. He had jitters during the first few

Continue reading "Chocolates Or Coffee Consumption by Mother Can Cause Jitteriness In Her Baby"

Nov 23, 2017

Sleep Myoclonus

Myoclonic jerks in an infant, who is fast asleep, last only for a few seconds. Though each episode is brief, many episodes can occur in a day.

Continue reading "Sleep Myoclonus"

Aug 15, 2017

Newborn Nursing Answers Newborn Care Concerns

Newborn nursing is crucial part of newborn parenting. Newborn care concerns: Temperature maintenance, hiccups, regurgitation, passage of black stools, umbilical cord care and more

Continue reading "Newborn Nursing Answers Newborn Care Concerns "

Aug 14, 2017

Gastric Outlet Obstruction: Pylorospasm and Pyloric Stenosis

Vomiting in newborns is often due to gastric outlet obstruction Stomach contents are unable to find their way through the pylorus Genetic and environmental factors play role in its evolution

Continue reading "Gastric Outlet Obstruction: Pylorospasm and Pyloric Stenosis"

May 25, 2017

The Neonates

Neonates at birth rarely resemble rose cheeks picture of newborns. Milia sprinkled face Vernix caseosa smeared hairy body Mongolian spots – all unnerve parents

Continue reading "The Neonates"

May 19, 2017

Child Parenting Capacity Varies

Child parenting is a learnt cognitive skill. Beliefs and feelings of parents influence their attitude towards parenting, which has a powerful impact on child’s behavior

Continue reading "Child Parenting Capacity Varies"

Jan 12, 2017

Exposure to Mold in Pregnancy: Does It Affect The Baby?

Doc, could mold infection cause spasticity in my 7 weeks old infant? I was exposed to black mold during pregnancy. I moved out in the 7 month, and have

Continue reading "Exposure to Mold in Pregnancy: Does It Affect The Baby?"

Nov 24, 2016

Post Micturition Convulsion Syndrome

Pee shivers and frequent urination in my 7 months old girl worries me. Do infants with frequent urination need medical evaluation? She passes urine 20

Continue reading "Post Micturition Convulsion Syndrome"

Sep 12, 2016

Myoclonus: Recurrent Body Jerks

My 15 months old experiences whole body jerks similar to the movements when one is having hiccups. They are frequent, and almost at regular intervals.

Continue reading "Myoclonus: Recurrent Body Jerks"

Jul 19, 2016

Menstruation Onset at Puberty

Menstruation, cyclic monthly bleeding, starts in teenage on attainment of puberty. Can I tell when my daughter will get her first menstrual period? The

Continue reading "Menstruation Onset at Puberty"

Jul 18, 2016

Falling off Her Growth Curve?
Rule out PCOD in Teenage Girls

My daughter’s puberty related growth spurt has probably failed. She was found to be 1cm below her growth curve when she got the first menstrual period

Continue reading "Falling off Her Growth Curve?
Rule out PCOD in Teenage Girls"

Feb 24, 2016

Post GBS Meningitis Seizures

Doc, my friend’s newborn baby, who was born healthy, developed post GBS meningitis resistant seizures and development delay. Her daughter’s situation is

Continue reading "Post GBS Meningitis Seizures"

Nov 16, 2015

Birth Hypoxia in Newborn Baby

My son suffered neonatal hypoxia. He didn’t cry at birth, received ventilator support and oxygen supplementation for Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.

Continue reading "Birth Hypoxia in Newborn Baby"

Nov 16, 2015

Itchy Skin

My adolescent son of 12 has been complaining of itchy skin. He regularly gets scratching sensation. This irresistible desire to itch arises from within,

Continue reading "Itchy Skin"

Oct 05, 2015

Newborn Jitteriness, Twitching and Seizures

Jitteriness in newborns is often confused for neonatal seizures. Tremors represent excited neuromuscular activity of newborns that can even go in to clonus

Continue reading "Newborn Jitteriness, Twitching and Seizures "

Sep 24, 2015

Infant with Gastroesophageal
Reflux and Dystonia
Gets Ankle Clonus

Infant with dystonic movements associated with silent gastroesophageal reflux, diagnosed and treated as Sandifer’s Syndrome develops ankle clonus few weeks

Continue reading "Infant with Gastroesophageal
Reflux and Dystonia
Gets Ankle Clonus"

Sep 09, 2015

Twitching at Four Months of Age

I was wondering how normal it was for my 4 month old to be twitching in the neck and head. She also makes a very weird face while she does it. Kind of

Continue reading "Twitching at Four Months of Age"

Aug 21, 2015

Short Arm Span in a 9 Year Old

Doc what is the significance of arm-span in growth assessment of children? My daughter is 9½ years old and is of average height but has short arms. Her

Continue reading "Short Arm Span in a 9 Year Old"

Jul 10, 2015

Dance Practice Linked Short Stature

Is dancing a cause of short stature? My daughter is 10 years old. Would practicing Kathak during pubertal phase affect her adult height adversely? Kathak

Continue reading "Dance Practice Linked Short Stature"

Jul 07, 2015

Vacuum Assisted Caesarean Section

I had scheduled caesarean section 6 days ago at 39 weeks gestation. My baby came out with a big bump on his head (hematoma)! My gynaecologist said he

Continue reading "Vacuum Assisted Caesarean Section"

Jul 03, 2015

Child of Rage

Baby just turned 6 months and all of a sudden throwing little fits of rage. Her eyes get big and her entire body goes into a quick shake. She clenches

Continue reading "Child of Rage"

Jun 10, 2015

Victim of Peer Aggression

Victims of bullying suffer from severe emotional imbalance, social insecurity, depression and more. I did. But surely the life does not end there. A few

Continue reading "Victim of Peer Aggression"

Apr 21, 2015

Peer Rejection
Cause or Effect of Social Anxiety

My 10 yr old granddaughter has developed social anxiety probably due to peer rejection. She is having problem at school with 3 or 4 other girls. She

Continue reading "Peer Rejection
Cause or Effect of Social Anxiety"

Apr 20, 2015

Stages of Teenage Development: Physical and Psychosocial Aspects

Know teenage development: Avoid lasting psychosocial problems in teenagers. Ambivalence during adolescent development leads to emotional stress and social conflicts

Continue reading "Stages of Teenage Development: Physical and Psychosocial Aspects "

Apr 17, 2015

Bullies, Baggage, and Heart Ache.

Teenage development is a very hard time. Teenagers go through love, bullies, friends, enemies, social experiences, - even a few heart aches. For me,

Continue reading "Bullies, Baggage, and Heart Ache. "

Mar 25, 2015

Unborn 34 weeks baby is 30 cm long, is it normal?

I am 34 weeks pregnant. My baby is 30 in length from head to toe. Is this normal? The Expert, Ren Chats AnswersYour data given is not only inadequate but

Continue reading "Unborn 34 weeks baby is 30 cm long, is it normal?"

Jun 19, 2014

Temper Tantrums or Is Child Trying to Say Something?

My child throws temper tantrums, what to do Doc? Misbehavior could be children’s effort to draw parent’s attention to something that has escaped their concern

Continue reading "Temper Tantrums or Is Child Trying to Say Something?"

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