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Child Health Chat, Issue #011 -- Is Prevention of Diabetes in Children Possible?
March 17, 2013

Striving For A Happy Childhood


It’s really wonderful to have festivals every month.
Celebrations, excitement and good food keeps us in high spirits.

Over last few decades, our lifestyle has changed markedly, and with it our food habits, idea of entertainment and socialization. It is all fun!

But nothing comes without a price.
Unfortunately we have staked our health for the modern fun.
The world is experiencing an epidemic of diabetes: 1 in every 10 adults suffers from this lifelong disease. And the disease sets its roots very early in life; often during infancy and toddler hood.

Oh, I wish there was prevention for Diabetes, the lifelong suffering.

Wish it, and her it is; the article of the month:
Is Prevention of Diabetes in Children Possible?

Read it.
Implement it.
And enjoy the outcome!!!

Table of Contents


Is Prevention of Diabetes in Children Possible?

Childhood Diabetes Information: Basics That All Should Know

Child Health News

Preventive Role of Gut Flora

Insulin Resistance Associated with High Fructose Intake

Pearls From The Forums

Carrot Paratha

Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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Is Prevention of Diabetes in Children Possible?

The question is ruling many recent research on diabetes, and some have shown encouraging results. Education and prevention of diabetes has been the theme of World Diabetes Day since 2009; 2013 being the last year of the tenure of the theme. But the cycle of education, awareness and search for prevention of diabetes has been firmly set.

Tips for primary prevention of diabetes

1. Before birth
Mother’s nutrition is important for fetal growth and development. Adequate DHA in lactating mother’s diet is crucial for optimal immune system development of the neonate.

2. Newborns and infants
Babies brought up on mother’s milk are at reduced risk for diabetes.
The benefit of breastfeeding through infancy has been documented in babies genetically predisposed to type 1 diabetes.

Besides the fact that mother’s milk is most appropriate food for an infant, its positive effects are attributed to:

a.) Breastfed babies are Not exposed to cow’s milk during early infancy.
Introduction of top milk and weaning foods before optimal maturation of the gut, is believed to trigger allergies and autoimmune mechanism.

b.) Probiotic effect of human milk.

3. Defer from strict hygiene practices.
Maintain friendly relationship with good bacteria.

4. Adequate intake of vitamins:
Low vitamin D levels increase insulin resistance.

5. Avoid obesity in children:
It leads to insulin resistance, the prediabetic state of type 2 diabetes.

6. Minimize sedentary time
Children and teenagers of present time generally lead a sedentary life. Activity hours are only limited to compulsory sports and gym schedule. Outdoor games have become a rarity. Electronic communication and multimedia entertainment mars children's physical activity that leads to metabolic imbalance.

7. Reduce television viewing time

8. Balance diet

Technical advances and fast life has changed the availability of foods and our eating habits. Traditional diets of Mediterranean, African and Asian is proving to be well balanced and full of essential nutrition.

9. High fructose intake induces metabolic syndrome.
High fructose corn syrup is the sweetening agent used in most of the marketed sweets and beverages.

10. Refrain from desire for sweets
Excessive sugar intake is found to be associated with increased risk of diabetes. This is independent of excessive calories consumed with inappropriate meal plans.

A recent study shows that the epidemiological incidence of type 2 diabetes rises by 1% for each additional 150 calories taken per person per day from sugar. These values are of great significance if seen in light of the escalating health threat that childhood diabetes poses.

It's a long list.
Precautions to be taken can be overwhelming.
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Childhood Diabetes Information: Basics That All Should Know

Children with diabetes need to implement serious modifications in their lifestyle from a very early age, which often is a cause of considerable anxiety in them and their parents…
Continue reading....

News on Child Health

Preventive Role of Gut Flora
Food allergies and childhood diabetes are seen more frequently in children of affluent society.
Strict hygiene practices jeopardize our friendship with good bacteria.
Disturbing them can increase the chances of food allergies and autoimmune mediated chronic diseases like diabetes.
Must read!!!

Insulin Resistance Associated with High Fructose Intake
Lots is said against high fructose in diet.
Does it really lead to obesity, metabolic disorder and type 2 diabetes among children!
Find your answer here.

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Pearls From The Forums

"The dietary aspect for prevention of diabetes recommends, the food plate to be half full of vegetables; besides the daily fruits eaten."

Now that is challenging!!!
We are believed to have evolved from monkeys, but now...

Carrot Paratha
Do your kids eat carrots?
Would you like them to eat carrots?
Start stocking!
With this simple recipe carrots will be their hot favorite!!!

Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies!
Little bit of planning pepped with your creativity lure children in to eating colorful bowl of vegetables.
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