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Child Health Chat, Issue #001 -- Sunlight Effects Boost Child Health! Yes, let’s talk it over
May 13, 2012

Striving For A Happy Childhood

It gives me immense pleasure to reach you all with the first issue of my e-zine, Child Health Chat on Mother’s Day.

I feel great gratitude towards all the mothers. They are the source of every child’s existence and wellbeing. On this day, I have picked up a topic from Mother Nature’s basket, the sunlight, the source of our existence and wellbeing.

Table of Contents


1. Sunlight Effects Boost Child Health - Today’s special. Scroll down to read the full text. Today's special only for you.

2. Media Effects Menace Child Health.

Child Health News

1. Autism, the search for the cause continues.

2. Could cell phone use affect Fetus? How? Find your answers.

Pearls From The Forums

1. Low Energy Levels In Children

2. Know Your Child’s Vaccines

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Sunlight Effects

Sunlight effects boost child health. Don’t believe it? Can’t blame you.Harmful sunlight effects have now been so deeply drilled into our psyche that we have forgotten the age old benefits of sunlight.

Nothing can flourish in the absence of adequate sunlight, water, air and food. Though we all acknowledge the necessity of air, water, and food for our children’s health, we deny them the sunshine. Why?

The medical discoveries related to sunlight effects on human skin have been blown out of proportion. Over emphasis of sunlight’s correlation with skin cancer has caused the mothers all over the world to deprive their kids of the healing power of sunlight.

This important medical research should be evaluated in light of other underlying factors associated with skin cancer. These are color of the skin, genetic makeup, natural geographical in-habitation practices and undue prolonged exposure to direct sun rays on the bare skin.

Sunlight is not only a source of light but also the basis of life on the Earth. All form of life has evolved under the influence of sunlight.
It is therefore, only natural, that some of our body’s physiological functions are dependent on solar energy, just as on water and fresh air.

Research results and clinical data show that lack of exposure to beneficial UV waves causes serious impact on children’s health and development.

The modern trend of glass windows and air-conditioning is depriving millions of urban children of the most desired sunlight effects. The window glass can reflect or absorb virtually all of the UV wavelengths of sunlight, even the beneficial one. While the electronic equipments used commonly generate constant electromagnetic field within the house.

Adequate exposure to the natural outdoor electromagnetic environment is crucial for children’s physical and mental health.

Lack of exposure to natural sunlight makes children prone to many infectious and non infectious diseases. It leads to gradual degeneration of the body over years and may be even to premature death.

12 Beneficial sunlight effects on child health –

1. The eyes absorb high energy 290 nm UVB waves that stimulate the neuroendocrine system to secrete hormones that have impact on childhood development including sexual and psychological maturation.

2. The sunlight is proved to be more important than food as a source of vitamin D. The skin absorbs the UVB sunlight waves that are needed to synthesize vitamin D3 that is required by every cell in the body.

Dairy products though a rich source of vitamin D, contain vitamin D2, which is poorly utilized by the body. Evidences show that vitamin D2 can even be toxic, causing general weakness, kidney damage, and elevated blood levels of calcium and cholesterol.

Studies show that Vitamin D3 significantly helps to protect individuals against lymphoma and cancers of the lungs, prostate and skin. Furthermore, the research suggests that vitamin D3 can be expected to prevent 30 deaths for each one caused by skin cancer caused by overexposure to the sun.

3. Sunlight effects help reduce psoriasis, herpes and many other skin disorders.

4. Exposure of newborns to sunlight has been practised in India from time immemorial. It is medically proved to reduce neonatal jaundice. Newborn nurseries all over the world use artificial light that simulates natural sunlight as phototherapy for this ailment.

5. Sunlight decreases the chances of childhood obesity.

6. Children who are not exposed to adequate sunlight could have much higher incidence of tooth decay/cavities.

7. Studies conducted on Hamsters show that sunlight spectrum deprived animals had smaller bodies, hearts and sex organs, and the males had no sperm production.

8. Photobiology investigators have shown that both blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels can be substantially reduced after exposure to ultraviolet waves of the natural outdoor environment.

9. Children working under natural outdoor daylight experience less eyestrain, headaches and fatigue than those working under conventional Cool White fluorescent lamps.

10. Sunlight is an excellent natural disinfectant. It kills pathogenic Staphylococcus and other infectious bacteria, moulds and fungi.

11. The health benefits of sunlight include the enhancement of the immune system.

12. Lastly, contrary to common belief, sunlight protects us from many cancers, through vitamin D3 effect

Media Effects Menace Child Health
Effects of media on children's health has been a topic of research for almost half a century, but the debate yet continues. Media effects on child health are not in the prim agenda of child health providers. Children are affected in many ways…… click to read the full article.

News on Child Health

1. Autism spectrum disorders remain a cause of concern.
Mothers' immune system and children's gestational age at birth could also be among the contributing factors - click to read!

2. Could cell phone used by an expecting mother affect her unborn?
Series of studies on mice prove the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on developing brain -
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Pearls From The Forums

1. Low Energy Levels In Children
Dampened stamina and borderline anemia are the outward manifestations of some underlying cause……… click to read!

2. Know Your Child’s Vaccines.
Why children of India are being administered more than one type of Polio Vaccine? -
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