Yoga Book for Children

by Renee Sherkness
(Cape May County, New Jersey )

A large number of studies bring forth several benefits of yoga for children.

Stories That Come Alive through Yoga is children's yoga book.

In this book Renee Sherkness, educator and certified children's yoga instructor, shares her stories with teachers and parents.

The book will engage all children of ages 4 and above as they act out the story through yoga exercises.

The book is easy to use

It provides lots of easy to follow yet very specific instructions. Thereby even parents and teachers with no experience in yoga will effortlessly entice children into practice of yoga. The book also has kids’ friendly illustrations of yoga poses and captions stating each mudra’s benefit for them.

The stories

Children are drawn in by the stories, while the activities add to the fun. Each story can be shared simply on its own merit, but its combination with poses of yoga brings the story alive. The compound effect of two gets the child physically involved and feel a part of the story. Children learn breathing and stretching exercises. They also learn to be better tuned with their mind, body and spirit. Moral lessons of patience, kindness and more in the stories are imbibed by them most naturally.

Yoga has created a positive impact on the author’s life

Renee Sherkness shares with readers the benefits of yoga: Find the author’s own story along with the background information on whys and hows for early implementation of yoga that encourages exercise, meditation and self-awareness in children.


Patricia Dischler President National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC):
“Stories That Come Alive through Yoga is a wonderful tool for teachers and parents looking to add fun exercise into their children’s day, reduce stress, and include activities that are engaging for both children and themselves. The moral lessons have big impact as the children act them out through the yoga poses, making Stories That Come Alive through Yoga a must-have for every teacher or parents’ resource library.”

About the Author: Renee Sherkness

Renee Sherkness attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science majoring in Biology; and later went on to achieve her degree in Early Childhood Education: Summa Cum Laude and an Academic Excellence Award.

She has taught for over 18 years in schools in U.S. She has a children's Yoga certification and teaches yoga and conducts workshops on yoga in U.S.

Her collection of books for children entitled “Nurturing Nature Collection” that connect "with care" to our world. They can be found on in print and e book in U.S Europe and U.K
Her website and organization:

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