Suppose at the Supermarket

Suppose at the Supermarket, the sequel to Susan Wigden's 2005 picture book for children. "Suppose" is a rhyming tale filled with humor and adventure.

Children and adults will be amazed by the shenanigans of the food-like characters, as they take on a human role.

Reading this book to a child will forever change food shopping into an imaginative and fun experience.

This is a picture book for all who dare to view the world through the eyes of a child. There is even a special page for children to draw their own illustrations.

Children enjoy reading fun rhyming books and this is one they will want to own. Suppose at the Supermarket is definitely a keeper.

The Author

Susan has worked with pre-school children for nearly two decades, has been a free-lance writer, and the author of two rhyming children's books.

Susan travels to schools, charities, and children's events, doing interactive readings and giving talks about the process of becoming an author.

Susan and Bruce have been married thirty-seven years.

The Illustrator, Corey Colombin

Corey Colombin is a columnist, published author, and illustrator.
"Suppose at the Supermarket" is the fifth book she has illustrated.

More information

Targeted readers
Early school age children. Most suited for children between 4 and 8 years of age. Parents too will enjoy reading the book to their children.

Disturbing content?
There is no content in "Suppose at the Supermarket" that could disturb a child. Nor is there any reference to sex, alcohol, drugs or any other substances that would be of concern to parents' expectations.

The language used in the book is pleasant and appropriate for child's use.

The illustrations are beautiful that will entice children's attention.
No, parents need not get worried!
Pictures in "Suppose at the Supermarket" in no way hint towards nudity or sexual activity.

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