Spencer the Spring Chicken

by Malinda Mitchell

This story book for children is a collection of 4 stories.

Spencer the Spring Chicken teaches children that to share is fun.
Spencer is a barnyard rooster who discovers a unique mode of transportation. He sets out to earn a fortune selling his invention but decides helping others.
Rooster discovers that giving provides more happiness than receiving and is much more profitable than making money.
As the story progresses children discover that it was caring about others' needs that made the rooster happy and popular among the peers. Children thereby learn that helping people helps to grow into efficient caring adults, who also win the respect of all around them.

Silly Earthworm carries the message of love.
Silly sets out to provide safety for his family in spite of the discouragement and mockery of others. He demonstrates love as he welcomes his distracters into the safety he has made available for his family.

Willie Chipmunk Meets Herman Airplane emphasizes the value of friendship.
Together, Willie and Herman overcome their shyness. They are able to help their entire community find new homes and help them move. Children will learn the value of being nice to their friends and treating them with respect.

Whistles, the Whistling Oak Tree teaches that the rewards of being active are great.
Whistles does this by instructing lost little Lazy Lamb how to help his family find food and water.

Children of all ages will enjoy reading or listening to their parents read these stories. Families will treasure them for years to come because the messages they carry will be needed as much then as they are now.

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