Sparky The Shark

by Mark Newell

Explore exciting books for children. Here is one - Frightfully funny, Sparky the Shark- a book "App for iPad", which presents adventure of Sparky, a friendly shark who is misunderstood.

Children will want to read the book and play with the wonderful interactive animation over and over. Funny sounds that play along with the animation are further enticing.

In Sparky the Shark, follow Sparky and his penguin pal Dax on their rib-tickling adventure to find Sparky a new 'look' so that he is accepted by the people: Upbeat hilarious story with the 'hero's ending' will be a guaranteed hit with your child and those young at heart. You will find yourself giggling along with your child.

Sparky the Shark is also a tool that parents can use to help children understand the social pressures that they may feel.

The story has an important message regarding self acceptance, self belief and the desire for acceptance.

The humor used to communicate this important message will help your child imbibe the message as she follows the story in a light hearted way.

Sparky the Shark is available for iPad and iPhone on the iTunes Store.

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