Silly Rhymes for Fun Times

Silly Rhymes for Fun Times is a collection of laugh-out-loud rhymes straight from the whacky imagination of Susan Wigden.

It is an anthology of poetry created to tickle the funny bone of children everywhere. The book introduces the reader to what could have been ordinary happenings gone outrageously funny.

Each individual poem not only encourages laughter, but sets the stage for a discussion of what were to happen if these events were to come true.

From the start of each rhyme to its surprise ending, children and adults will be delightfully entertained as they connect with the true silliness of each poem.

Reading this book to children will forever change the way they view ordinary experiences and will foster their own creative imaginations.

If you have ever wondered how to survive little brother's bad flute playing, how to get rich from the tooth fairy, or what to do with Grandma's meatballs, get ready for a page-turning giggle-fest.

More information

Targeted readers
Early school age children. Most suited for children between 4 and 8 years of age. Parents too will enjoy reading the book to their children.

Disturbing content?
There is no content in "Silly Rhymes for Fun Times" that could disturb a child. Nor is there any reference to sex, alcohol, drugs or any other substances that would be of concern to parents' expectations.

The language used in the book is pleasant and appropriate for child's use.

The illustrations are beautiful that will entice children's attention.
No, parents need not get worried!
Pictures in "Silly Rhymes for Fun Times" in no way hint towards nudity or sexual activity.

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