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Feb 01, 2012
A Theme That Affects Most
by: Ren Chats

Changes are welcome, but some changes are devastating. Children often suffer in silence when faced with such difficult phases at a tender age.
We adults in our own turmoil, often overlook children's silent agony.

Children will love this touching story.
Parents will find tips to help children through the "big changes" along with links to websites that provide help and resources.

Thank you Margot Finke

Jan 30, 2012
Effects on children of sudden BIG changes
by: Margot Finke - Author

I wrote Ruthie with the effects of big changes on children in mind.

As a teacher's aide, I noted that many children had to deal with big changes in their lives - divorce, the death of a loved one, or even moving far from friends and family.

The Q and A included in the parent- teacher guide helps parents and children talk about change. It also lets kids talk about how they feel, and get much needed reassurance.

Children whose parents are unable to pay adequate attention to their concerns, have problems accepting and understanding the changes.

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