Ocean Conservation

by Renee Sherkness
(Cape May County N.J)

Ocean conservation has become a very important topic in today's world.

In her book for children, Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness, author and educator Renee Sherkness explores this topic.

This is her new book from her Nurturing Nature Collection: connecting "with care" to our world.

Ripped from our headlines today: Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness is a heartwarming story for children of 4 and above.

The story

It tells the tale of Winston, a humpback whale and the perils he must face because of the pollution contaminating his home.

Follow Winston and his friends, through text and illustrations as they encounter the danger and the beauty that exists in their home, the ocean. See what happens when Winston and his fellow sea life, including his dear Albatross friend Lea Le come face to face with an oil spill (the Blanket of Darkness) and must escape before it is too late.

Will they escape in time?
Will they have to leave their home?
Find your answers in this educational and entertaining story book for children. The book will introduce your child to the connection we all share with our environment.

Added information

Included at the end of this story, is a glossary of words with definitions to help children learn more about the characters in the story. In addition there are web sites to go to for further information about oil spills and other pollutants. Places to visit for further information about our oceans and what we can do to help save our oceans are also included.

It is the author's hope that Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness give children and their parents an entertaining and informative journey into our ocean environment.


Captain Schumann’s Big Blue Sightseer,Wildwood New Jersey:
"I appoint Winston the Whale as ambassador of the seas. If reading about Winston’s concern for his ocean friends can suggest to our children and their parents that we all need to work together to survive, what a great world it could be. Thanks Renee! What’s next on your voyage with Winston?"

About the author: Renee Sherkness

Renee Sherkness attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science majoring in Biology. She later went on to achieve her degree in Early Childhood Education Degree: Summa Cum Laude and an Academic Excellence Award.

She also has a children's Yoga certification and teaches yoga and conducts workshops on yoga in U.S. She has taught for over 18 years in schools in U.S.

Her collection of books for children are entitiled "The Nurturing Nature Collection: Connecting with care to our world". They can be found on amazon.com in print and e book in U.S Europe and U.K
Her website and organization: www.nurturingnaturecollection.com

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