Improving Child Health Care Services

by Sharon Rose
(Birmingham, AL)

There are areas that I would like to see improvement in health care services for children.

Long wait to get an appointment

If an appointment needs to be re-scheduled, one has to wait too long to get another.

I have personally experienced significant long wait to reschedule appointment for well baby clinic: It’s something that needs to be reformed.

We had an emergency at home
and were forced to re-schedule a 4 month old's appointment for the well baby clinic. We had to wait 3 weeks for the next available appointment, which meant waiting on immunization shots that were due.

Primary care pediatricians need to be more concerned about allergies

Allergies are a reality. Many pediatricians are either not updated on the subject or disregard its impact on child health. Allergies vary from child to child. Allergic episodes are physically and emotionally traumatic both for children and parents.

We have an allergist, but all primary care pediatricians should be more knowledgeable on allergies. In my view, it is especially important in giving newborns with strong family history of allergies a healthy start in life.

Devote more time in encouraging breast-feeding

The mothers of the babies at high risk of allergies should be actively encouraged to breast feed. A lactation nurse should be on staff at the hospital to ensure the mother is successful in breast feeding.
1. From my own experience, I know breast feeding is challenging for many mothers.

2. To avoid food allergies, parents need to be adequately guided on when, what and how the solid foods should be introduced to a baby; more so if there is a strong family history of allergies. Parents should not have to go to an allergist for this kind of basic guidance.

Once food allergies set in it is a long road back, if ever. I am speaking from my own personal experience, so I feel passionately about this.

3. I would like to add that at the initial counseling (or during prenatal sessions) parents should be interviewed at length for family's medical history. This would help child health care providers to guided the parents and prevent many allergies.

I hope my concerns will be considered.

About the Author: Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose is a writer, teacher, social worker; counselor of juvenile offenders and their families; and entrepreneur in the areas of educational and marketing consulting.

With certifications in Parent Education and Reality Therapy, she has counseled both youths and adults in therapeutic settings. She is at present busy preparing a book on parenting for publication. Her passion for empowering parents has led her to create the blog: Parents Want to Know 101.
You could reach Sharon Rose through:

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