Harley And The Egg

by Malinda Mitchell
(Laurel, MS)

Harley was a miniature dachshund who loved to annoy cats until he unexpectedly found a small egg.

As Harley’s mother had taught him well, he knew that the egg contained a living being.

He knew that whatever was in the egg was now an orphan and that it would need warmth and protection so it could be born.

Harley also knew that the life inside the egg would need care after it hatched. Will Harley be able to save the egg? This is a sweet story about love, respecting life, and taking on responsibility.

Harley and the Egg can be used to teach children that with all of God's creatures, life starts before it appears outside of the egg or mother.

It teaches the importance of taking care of all God's creatures even before they are born.

Ages 3-7

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