Emma The Mouse Brings Joy
To The House

by Susan Ross
(London, ON, Canada)

A story book that teaches children to deal with the inevitable, like hair loss associated with cancer therapy, in a playful manner.

The story is about a special friendship between a little girl named Sydney and Emma, a mouse, who lives with her parents and five siblings in Sydney’s dollhouse.

"Emma the Mouse Brings Joy to the House" starts with Emma’s desire to have hair just like Sydney’s - long, golden and beautiful. She comes up with ingenious ideas to make her dream a reality.

As the story progresses, the days pass by and then - Sydney, Emma's dear friend, is found to be struck by cancer. Emma’s focus switches from herself to Sydney.

Eventually the inevitable happens. Sydney loses her beautiful hair as a result of her treatment for the cancer, the chemotherapy.

Emma is sad. She is powerless in face of cancer and its treatment. She thinks, " I can’t take away my friend's sufferings, but should be able to make her happier. But how?" Think, think,...think hard .......

The story is sensitive and humorous but, at times, also touching.

The goal of this book is to provide hope and laughter to children, who are personally or vicariously suffering from the trauma of hair loss due to chemotherapy.

It also provides children, families and friends with a story, which gives the insight that courage and thoughtfulness can help tide over inevitable crisis associated with any sickness.

Craft instructions
describing how to make a mouse are included in the book.

I am the author so I can't give an unbiased opinion but the response has been very positive. "Emma the Mouse Brings Joy to the House" will be available in the fall 2012.

Susan Ross

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