Dealing With Learning Disorder - Dyslexia

by Margot Finke
(Oregon - USA)

Recommend For Anyone Who Needs To <br>Deal With Learning Disabilities

Recommend For Anyone Who Needs To
Deal With Learning Disabilities

Horatio Humble Beats the Big "D," is a book for children dealing with dyslexia, a common learning disability among children where the brain has difficulty processing written words.

"Horatio is an intelligent boy who makes good grades in many school subjects, except for difficulty in reading.
His parents meet with the teacher to discover why.

Horatio hears the words Dyslexia and Special Education.
"No way! My Friends will think I'm dumb." But he does go and with amazing results. To his delight, Horatio begins learning ways to read books and even begins to write!

The author has done a wonderful job!

The book includes parent and teacher's guide with resources.
It even includes the symptoms of dyslexia along with the common emotions and thoughts that children might have on discovering they have this problem.

I enjoyed reading this book. The rhyming has a comfortable pace, and the illustrations are colorful and vivid.

Jill Osborne
Jill's Writing and Play Therapy Page

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