Your Suggestions for Child Health Care

Child health care services rarely meet the parents' expectations. What's amiss? Voice your opinion here.

The media is flooded with stories of dissatisfaction that parents encounter during their children’s medical care. 

As a pediatrician myself, I do understand the doctors’ limitations in the matter. In spite of striving hard to give our patients the best, sometimes the emotions are bruised and the outcomes are misjudged

We are open to suggestions and want to understand why so much dissatisfaction prevails in our society.

This is a page of your own.
Click here to post your expectations of child health care providers.

Hopefully people in right places will read your suggestions and implement the feasible changes for the betterment of health care practices for children,

Please refrain from plain criticism of medical systems, that we read plenty in the press.

Let us together strive for betterment of child health care.
Spare few moments and put your suggestion – You may bring in the revolution for worldwide betterment of medical services for our tiny tots.

Post Your Expectations of Child Health Care Providers

Help rectify the flaws in child health care system - as you see them.
Post your suggestions to overcome the dissatisfactions in
child health care services.

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