Carrot Parathas

by Ren Chats

Carrot Parathas: Delicious Orange Colored Pan Fried Indian Flat Bread

Carrot Parathas: Delicious Orange Colored Pan Fried Indian Flat Bread

Parathas are delicious pan fried flat bread from India. Variety of stuffed and plain parathas are popular, but orange colored carrot parathas are midway!

The finely grated carrots are kneaded into the dough, which gives it an orange hue.

Freshly cooked hot carrot parathas are a real delight. Children will enjoy them both as meals and snacks.

Serve them Indian way with butter, chutney, pickles and raiyta; or with western style preparations.
Jam, cheese and butter with carrot parathas are children’s hot favorite.


Wheat flour:
1 cup to make dough.
Have 1 more cup handy to use dry while rolling.

Finely grated, 1 cup

Cooking Oil or Ghee (melted butter)

Half tea-spoon (optional)

Water to knead.


Knead dough:
Mix grated carrots, wheat flour, salt and 2 table-spoons of ghee and knead it well. Add little water at a time to get soft smooth dough. Please note that as time passes, carrots loose there water and the dough can become too soft or sticky to roll.

Divide the dough into small balls-
Each of about 4cm. in diameter.

Use dry flour as per your individual need.
It is to dust your hand, rolling board and the rolling pin.

Roll one at a time as shown in the diagram given above:

1. Roll the ball in to a disc of about 8-10 cm in diameter.

2. Smear little ghee on top.

3. Fold it, so that it takes the shape of semi-circle.

4. Again smear little ghee on the top surface.

5. Fold it once more, such that it takes the form of a triangle.

6. Pat the three jutting out corners of the triangle, so that it attains by and large a circular form-

7. Roll it till it is about 18 Cm. in diameter and about 0.5 cm in thickness.

8. Put it on preheated pan.
It has to be cooked on high heat.
On low heat parathas often get hard.
However, heat needs to be adjusted according to the results and situations.

9. The color of the paratha will change slightly – turn it and smear oil.
On the pan avoid ghee as it causes too much smoke.

10. Turn again and now apply the oil on this side.

11. Turn it back.

12. Cook well on both the sides.

Serve hot

Don't worry about the shape; nutritious and delicious they are.
The flavor that spreads while cooking parathas is enticing too.
Watch out! The orange colored carrot parathas are absolutely irresistible.

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