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Story books for children are great fun for the whole family. Besides being an unquestioned source of knowledge, they expand child’s horizons, build imagination and add awareness.

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Soo Thankful  
"Soo Thankful" is a book of thankfulness. Did you know that being grateful provides a host of health-related benefits? We all know that gratefulness …

Silly Rhymes for Fun Times 
Silly Rhymes for Fun Times is a collection of laugh-out-loud rhymes straight from the whacky imagination of Susan Wigden. It is an anthology of poetry …

Suppose at the Supermarket  
Suppose at the Supermarket, the sequel to Susan Wigden's 2005 picture book for children. "Suppose" is a rhyming tale filled with humor and adventure. …

A Caring Deed for Becky 
A Caring Deed for Becky is a book for children by Susan Wigden. It is her sixth rhyming picture book of a series. The story A Caring Deed for …

Life With Willie the Weeping Willow Tree 
The story book for children, Life With Willie, The Weeping Willow Tree has fun,mystery, adventure and lessons for children. Ten orphans mysteriously …

Little Miss Dilly Dot 
Little Miss Dilly Dot is a kitten born in an alley. Her first of many adventures starts when her mother and siblings are adopted but she is left behind …

Spencer the Spring Chicken  
This story book for children is a collection of 4 stories. Spencer the Spring Chicken teaches children that to share is fun. Spencer is a barnyard …

A Christmas I Remember  
It's Christmas Eve and a blizzard brings heavy, blinding deep snow to Deirdre's town. It is beautiful to gaze upon, yet the little girl wonders if Santa …

Honeysuckle Cottage 
Honeysuckle Cottage is the perfect set of books and songs to help your child get ready for kindergarten. Join Ruff in his world in The English Garden …

Miss Sugar Crumb's Cooking Lesson 
Miss Sugar Crumb’s Cooking Lesson, a delightful story book for children, is sequel to Malinda Mitchell's another book, Miss Sugar Crumb's Magic Kitchen. …

Miss Sugar Crumb's Magic Kitchen 
Miss Sugar Crumb's Magic Kitchen is a story book for children. Fair young maiden, Miss Sugar Crumb loves animals and people. She enjoys feeding animals …

Respect and Enjoy God's Creation 
God's creations are all around us. Respect the nature as you enjoy it. Malinda Mitchell provides great tips for children to learn how to respect God's …

Granny Groover 
Granny Groover is a fun grandma who comes to look after her grandchildren. This is all about good old fashioned fun, jumping in puddles, late night …

A Teddy Bear Tale  
A Teddy Bear Tale is the story of Tristan's unconditional love and his final night of watching over his child. On this night, Monsters led by the …

Monsters On Machines 
The busy little monsters in this story dig, dump, hammer, nail—and even squeeze in time for an afternoon snooze. But what are the monsters building? …

Dinoflyers rule the air! They grin and spin without a care. Their daring dinothrills and chills Could surely never end in spills— Could they…? (Let’s …

All Aboard The Dinotrain 
Load the cargo, Stoke the coal, This dinotrain Is set to roll! The hills are steep, The ride is long, But dinotrainers Won’t go wrong… Unless …

The wind is high, The sea is rough, And dinosailors Are dinotough! Aren’t they? Set sail with the Rowdiest swashbucklers On the seven seas! …

Rattlesnake Jam  
Explore books for children. Here is one which is hilariously funny picture book, Rattlesnake Jam, especially for boys and reluctant readers. It is …

Ruthie And The Hippo's Fat Behind 
A delightful picture story book for children, Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind deals with a "big change" in a little girl's life. With the first line …

Nanook The Penguin 
An excellent addition to books for children, Nanook the Penguin , who embarks on a journey of self-determination to Los Angeles - California. Nanook …

Moon Girl 
Moon Girl is a story of self worth and valuable relationships suitable for ages 4 and above. Inspired by her mother's and aunt's relationship, Beatrix …

The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew 
The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew is about Michael and his best friend who is disabled. The special thing about this book for children is that Michael …

Lizzie Walks On The Wild Side 
Lizzie Walks On The Wild Side is a sweet story about a young lizard who gets herself in trouble by not heeding her parents advice. She soon learns …

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Woody Gets Dunked 
A sweet story book for children, Woody Gets Dunked, is about a young lizard who gets herself in trouble by not heeding her parents advice. She soon …

Sparky The Shark  
Explore exciting books for children. Here is one - Frightfully funny, Sparky the Shark - a book "App for iPad", which presents adventure of Sparky, a …

Cows fo Kids, Cow Fun and Facts 
Cows for Kids, Cow Fun and Facts, is a fun filled learning experience about cattle. It’s chock-full of beautiful photos of various breeds, colors, …

Harley And The Egg 
Harley was a miniature dachshund who loved to annoy cats until he unexpectedly found a small egg. As Harley’s mother had taught him well, he knew that …

Ocean Conservation 
Ocean conservation has become a very important topic in today's world. In her book for children, Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness, author …

Book for Children on Environment 
In her book, The Day Mother Nature Decided to Paint Her House, Renee Sherkness shares a story how the season of Fall was discovered. With her collection …

Books for children by Kathleen J. Shields 
This book of 44 pages is the first of a series by author Kathleen J. Shields. It is a fun bouncy rhyming story with plenty of educational content including …

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