Book Review Submission Format

Book review submission should contain 300 - 400 words

Title of the book:

Author of the book:

Number of pages in the book:

Number of illustrations in the book:

Date of Submission

Targeted readers

Children - Recommended Age: from _______ years to _______ years


Teenage Parents:

(please specify the profession: Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Aupairs, Day care centre professionals, Baby sitters, others)

Review: Body of Writing
100-200 words

Theme of the story:

The story:

Violence in the book:

Content that may disturb children:

  • Under 5 years
  • From 5-8 years
  • From 8-13 years
  • Over 13 years

Sexual references:

Alcohol, drugs and other substances:

Nudity and sexual activity:

Product placement:

Coarse language:


Concluding - paragraph

Ideas to discuss with children:



Endnotes and citations (only if applicable):

Book author biography
A short paragraph about the author of the book and their background on the subject matter.

Reviewer of the book

Your complete name and title (author of the book review):

The organization or company that you belong to:

Your email:

Book reviewer's biography:
A short paragraph about the reviewer and their background on the subject matter.

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