Book for Children on Environment

by Renee Sherkness
(Cape May County N.J)

In her book, The Day Mother Nature Decided to Paint Her House, Renee Sherkness shares a story how the season of Fall was discovered.

With her collection of books for children of age 4 and above author and educator Renee Sherkness encourages the concept of Nurturing Mother Nature.

The story

Mother Nature is looking to spruce up her house and paint the walls. She looks at Father Time for help. Colors are selected and placed in each room. But an accident occurs: And ah! It results in a beautiful discovery; a new season is born.

The story does more than just introduce seasons. It encourages conversation with the child on tree conservation and the connection we all share with nature and our environment. Children will also love the beautiful colors and illustrations throughout the book.

Supplement information

The information, glossary and resources included at the end of the book are perfect for teachers and parents' use to expand the lessons of the book; and for answering the questions about the seasons and trees that children may have. It’s a great start to a full lesson on seasons and tree conservation.


Patricia Dischler President of National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC):
Sherkness brings the magic of the seasons to life through story and engages children in exploring this topic. The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House is not only a terrific storybook for children but a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

About the author: Renee Sherkness

Renee Sherkness attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science majoring in Biology. She later went on to achieve her degree in Early Childhood Education Degree: Summa Cum Laude and an Academic Excellence Award.

She also has a children's Yoga certification and teaches yoga and conducts workshops on yoga in U.S. She has taught for over 18 years in schools in U.S.

Her collection of books for children are entitiled "The Nurturing Nature Collection: Connecting with care to our world". They can be found on in print and e book in U.S Europe and U.K
Her website and organization:

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