A Christmas I Remember

by Deirdre Tolhurst
(Texas, USA)

The cover of my book.

The cover of my book.

The cover of my book.
This is our house in 1963.  Mom with Rory in carriage.
This is my Dad, NYC Crime Reporter Patrick Doyle in front of our house in December 1963
Me, Christmas 1963.  Picture used for the caroling illustration.

It's Christmas Eve and a blizzard brings heavy, blinding deep snow to Deirdre's town. It is beautiful to gaze upon, yet the little girl wonders if Santa can make it through the storm.

She watches out her window as her dad shovels snow that keeps piling right back, but falls asleep, despite her worries, and awakens on Christmas morning.

Deirdre Tolhurst shares her own remembrance of such a Christmas storm and the miracle that transpires that Holiest of nights--one she shares only with her dad.

She narrates the magical Season in a lyrical poem that will entrance young children when read to them, as well as older children, who, while reading, can learn to appreciate the beauty of both poetry and a delightful story.

The glossy, sturdy pages are firm enough to hold and withstand the attention of curious toddlers who will be fascinated by the lovely illustrations.

Accompanying the book is a free audio book digital download which can lull the smallest of children to sleep with dreams of Santa's toys on the Eve of the Christ Child's birth.

Adults reading this book will smile in remembrance of their own special Christmases past, as they share this sweet tale with children and grandchildren.

This is Deirdre's first children's book, hopefully one of many more to follow.

Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

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