A Caring Deed for Becky

A Caring Deed for Becky is a book for children by Susan Wigden.
It is her sixth rhyming picture book of a series.

The story

A Caring Deed for Becky introduces children to the loving Becky Bear, who knits hats for her animal friends. Becky Bear is quite an expert in knitting hats and his each hat is unique; that too for unique friends in jungle.

Indeed, designing hats for giraffe, elephant, lion, skunk and duck are not easy to accomplish, but Becky knits perfect ones for everybody.

As time passes, Becky becomes old and the task of knitting is too difficult for her. What happens next is a loving tribute to the caring Becky, who taught the animals that it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

This is a tender tug of the heart story: Remembering those who once cared for us.

More information

Targeted readers
Early school age children. Most suited for children between 4 and 8 years of age. Parents too will enjoy reading the book to their children.

Disturbing content?
There is no content in "A Caring Deed for Becky" that could disturb a child. Nor is there any reference to sex, alcohol, drugs or any other substances that would be of concern to parents' expectations.

The language used in the book is pleasant and appropriate for child's use.

The illustrations are beautiful that will entice children's attention.
No, parents need not get worried!
Pictures in "A Caring Deed for Becky" in no way hint towards nudity or sexual activity.

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